Hall of Flame

Hey, Tommy Chong here with 20 for 20. Back with Hall of Flame. A play of words from Hall of Fame. In the studio with Oscar, the founder

of Hall of Flame to speak about what he has on offer from HOF.


A product of California and grown by world-class cultivators that Hall of Flame collaborates with They also grow their own top-class indoor bud, providing the consumer with clean and potent cannabis flower. All products are top-shelf and HOF approved! They offer a wide variety of strains in flower form and will soon be offering live resin, rosin and shatter.

One of their most notable and popular strains is Tiger Pussy. This strain is an Indica dominant cannabis cup winner that is well-known in the Los Angeles cannabis community. The terpenes penetrate bags and too many hits will leave you on the couch. 


 HOF also offers quality pre-rolls ( cannagars ) in different strains which are liberally dusted with kief. HOF is an underground brand, similar to the speakeasies of yesteryear. 


If you can get your hands one of their products, you will be the envy of all your friends. 

If you are not in California, don’t worry, HOF will soon be in a state near you.