There’s a Slice for Everyone in the Edibles Market

Many people are very conscious about what they eat for health or personal reasons. Exploiting this opportunity, the marijuana edibles market has grown tremendously. No matter what healthy cannabis infused food customers prefer, chances are that there is someone already selling it, or planning to set up shop. There is a huge gap in that industry that innovative business people could fill.

  1. Vegan cannabis edibles

Being vegan is not a trend; it is a lifestyle for some. Several people prefer not to consume any animal products for health reasons or because they frown upon others profiting by harming animals. Some marijuana edibles are manufactured with target group in mind.

A good example of vegan edibles is cannabis infused chocolate bars that do not contain any animal products or byproducts.  Licensed manufactures in several US states produce the chocolate bars and package them in a standard design with labels outlining the ingredients. Such products are appealing to vegans as they only contain marijuana ingredients such as THC and CBD.  Canna butter, made from the Indica plant, is also a common ingredient used in the production of the chocolate bar.

  1. Gluten free edible options

Manufacturers across several states such as Colorado use gluten -free ingredients when preparing marijuana edibles. They produce a large variety of such edibles using THC extracts and suspended oils incorporated in a several gluten free foods. Foodies now have access to several gluten free edible options including:

  • Baked goodies: You can eat a variety of baked gluten free marijuana-infused edibles such as muffins, cookies or brownies.
  • Cannabis oil: Gluten-free cannabis oil is produced by infusing gluten free cooking oil with cannabinoids. This is then used to prepare multiple cannabis recipes.
  • Spaghetti sauce: A large number of people prepare spaghetti sauce using gluten free ingredients and add some marijuana to it. What a delicious way to consume pot.
  1. Organic marijuana edibles

Some cannabis infused edibles such as tea are purely organic. Customers purchase them to consume cannabinoids, particularly in states where the use of the cannabis is for recreational purpose is legal. Organic cannabis resins are also added organic brandy or rum for people who love alcohol.

Customers visit special restaurants that are allowed to prepare dishes infused with cannabis. They then order organic cannabis delicacies such as desserts, braised beef and wine. They can always find an organic-cannabis infused dishes that they like.


Marijuana edibles are gaining popularity. People who love them say that consuming edibles results into a different high. Instead of the marijuana entering the lungs and directly into the bloodstream like it would when smoking a joint, THC from edibles is processed in the digestive system before being released into the blood stream. This results into a longer lasting and less intense high. For this reason, people prefer the edibles.  A large number of those people also have preferences for healthy foods including organic, gluten free of vegetarian products. This has significantly widened the diversity of the marijuana market.



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