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    The Kind Pen – Helping Smokers Taste the World in a New Way

    The Kind Pen is a NYJ based vaporizer company that offers a variety of different vape pen devices. They offer cannabis consumers with smoking solutions that range from dry herb vaporizers to herbal combustion EZ pipes. Not to mention, they also have vaporizer devices of different shapes and sizes.

    These shapes and sizes range from slim to thick devices. Since they have a large variety, each ranging in value and properties, it allows them to accommodate a large selection of users. The company also offers starter kits and accessories along with the vape pen. 

    Consumers are especially pleased with the flavor intensity and battery life that the Kind Pen devices offer. Their flagship devices include the TruVa Mini, Jiggy, and Breezy. The TruVa Mini is said to offer an emphatic herbal vaping experience. While on the other hand, the company introduced the Jiggy so that consumers can extract the most flavors from cannabis oils. Similarly, the Breezy is a vape pen for E-juices that the company is very proud of.

    Another attractive factor of the company involves the swift replacement and recovery process in the case of any faults with the vape pen. Along with that, the company promises a lifetime warranty for its products. Customers also love the many colors that the Kind pen comes in. Along with their aesthetically pleasing products, the company also offers great customer service.

    Considering that they put so much effort into each device and took note of their lifetime warranty, it only shows the confidence that the company has on their products. Each of their Vape pen also comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, allowing customers to enjoy a long-lasting battery life and conveniently charge each of the devices using a micro USB charger.

    The Kind Vape Pens as opposed to other methods

    Vaping is the safest method to consume cannabis. It does not burn or combust the plant material. Instead, it simply heats the cannabinoids to the right temperature for them to boil. Thus, this allows consuming cannabis in the form of vapor and not combusted smoke. This also means that vaping is less harsh on the throat and lungs.

    This makes vaping a better option than smoking, particularly for new cannabis smokers, since it allows them to experience pure cannabis and a much better flavor profile. Smoking from a vape pen, consumers experience each nuanced flavor notes from a cannabis strain. This is because vaporizing boils up the Terpenoids, instead of burning them up, allowing a good chunk of flavor to hit the pallet.

    The Kind Pen Offers Precision Temperature Control 

    Even though every individual experiences a different high, many daily consumers rank their vaping experience higher than other consumption methods. Some users find the effects of vaping being more intense. However, taking excessive drags out of the Kind vape pen plays into the intensity. The best way to consume from the vape pen is to take smaller drags over time and let the psychoactive effects creep in.

    On the other hand, if consumers like to ride the THC wave, and experience a strain’s psychoactive properties on full blast, then they can do so by setting the volt up on the Kind Vape Pen. Since they can control the temperature, the Kind vape pens give consumers more control over their psychoactive impacts. The company also allows consumers to set the appropriate temperature for each cannabis product by offering an adjustable power output.

    The Kind Pen offers Discreteness

    Another benefit of vaping cannabis is that it is incredibly discrete. Considering that cannabis is yet to have worldwide adoption, the vape pen method allows consumption with more secrecy. This is because the non smokers do not easily identify vaping devices. On top of that, smoking vapor often passes by unnoticed at public or private settings.

    The Kind Pen’s Cost-Effectiveness

    Users report that vaping is an effective and cost-effective way of consuming cannabis. This is mostly because vaping rids consumers from purchasing any additional components in the cannabis, such as tobacco, papers, blunts, filters and more. This also helps control any addictive behaviors from tobacco or nicotine consumption.

    About the Kind Pen 

    Based out of New Jersey, Kind Pen is a vaporizer brand renowned in the sector of New York. Trusted by many veteran and new cannabis consumers, the company offers a vaping experience like never before. The innovators at the company carefully craft each device so that it encompasses a refined and high-quality delivery.

    Their products embody an incredible balance between portability and discretion. Whether consumers are looking to consume CBD, THC, hemp, or just plain old weed, experiencing them through the Kind Pen vaporizing allows them to taste each end of its flavor spectrum.

    The Kind Pen vaporizer business is proud to have a long line of loyal customers for all the right reasons. They are committed to providing high-end products that have a lifetime warranty, ensuring that the customer’s hard-earned money is in good hands.

    Therefore, the tri-state area has many consumers that rely on the “Kind Pen” for their cannabis needs. The company is taking great strides in the cannabis industry. With aims to integrate their technology into many other devices, they are potentially heading towards a revolutionary innovation.


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