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    The Kind Glass Bent Neck Beaker Bong: Easier Big Rips in Style


    When it comes to a perfect smoking experience, The Kind Glass is setting a new standard with their Bent Neck Beaker Bong. This meticulously designed smoking apparatus combines aesthetics, durability, and functionality, offering a solution that’s perfect for both novice and seasoned enthusiasts. Here’s everything you need to know about this exceptional smoking companion.

    Stunning Design & Scientific Precision

    The Kind Glass Bent Neck Beaker Bong is not just another smoking device; it’s a work of art. Crafted with precision, this bong offers a unique blend of aesthetics and scientific design. Let’s delve into its standout features:

    • Nearly Unshatterable: Crafted from 9mm thick ‘high glass,’ which is tempered and heat-resistant borosilicate, this bong is designed to withstand the test of time. You can enjoy your sessions without worrying about fragility.
    • Smooth Hits Every Time: The wide glass tube with a flared mouthpiece ensures that each hit is incredibly smooth. The ample space inside the beaker bottom allows for massive, full-bodied milky rips.
    • Effortlessly Cooler Smoke: The fire-cut 6-slit downstem creates a symphony of air bubbles, effectively cooling the smoke. This results in an inhale that is not only cool but also exceptionally pleasant.
    • Large Bowl: The 14mm bowl provides room for extra dry herb, perfect for multi-sessions. It also offers a hassle-free loading and unloading experience.
    • Lifetime Warranty: The Kind Glass is so confident in the durability of their product that they offer an unlimited lifetime warranty. If, against all odds, your bong breaks, they’ll replace it without any questions. Simply register your warranty at purchase, and if needed, activate it.

    A User-Friendly Smoking Experience

    The Kind Glass Bent Neck Beaker Bong is engineered to make your smoking sessions easy, enjoyable, and efficient. Here’s why it stands out:

    • Generous Beaker Diameter: With a 5.5” beaker diameter, there’s ample space for massive, full-bodied milky rips. It’s all about a lung-full of goodness.
    • Ergonomic Bent Design: The bent neck design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about user-friendliness. It eliminates the need for awkward maneuvering, ensuring that your next hit is just a simple lean away.
    • #KIND Logo Tube: Owning this bong makes you a part of the #KIND family. And rest assured, they take care of their own.
    • Ice-Cold Rips: The bong is equipped with a 3-notch ice-catcher on the tube, adding an extra layer of chill to your smoking experience. Your rips are as cool as you desire.

    ‘Forever Fix’ Warranty

    The Kind Glass stands by their product with unwavering confidence. If, by some strange twist of fate, your bong breaks, they’ve got you covered with their ‘Forever Fix’ warranty. No need for lengthy support processes, no demand for ‘proof.’ Just register your warranty at the time of purchase, activate it if necessary, and they’ll send you a replacement bong.

    Bong Specifications

    • Height: Choose from various sizes, ranging from 10″ to 24″ inches, to match your preferences.
    • Base Diameter: A substantial 5.5″ inches provides stability and room for milky rips.
    • Tube Diameter: The 50mm tube is thoughtfully designed for optimal airflow and cooling, enhancing your smoking experience.
    • Glass Thickness: With a thickness of 9mm, this bong is engineered for longevity.
    • Joint Angle: The 45° joint angle offers comfort and ease of use.
    • Joint Size: An 18mm joint size ensures compatibility with a range of accessories, allowing you to customize your setup.
    • Stem: The bong features an 18mm male to 14mm female fire-cut diffused downstem for smooth filtration.
    • Bowl Size: The 14mm male bowl is perfect for dry herb aficionados.
    • Ice Catcher: The built-in ice catcher guarantees that your rips are as cool as you desire.


    In summary, The Kind Glass Bent Neck Beaker Bong is not just a smoking accessory; it’s a testament to the art of smoking. It offers a harmonious blend of style, durability, and functionality that’s set to elevate your smoking sessions to a whole new level. Choose your preferred size, register your warranty, and prepare to enjoy a lifetime of extraordinary smoking experiences.


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