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    The Highrise Bong

    This bong is meant for yourself and for sharing. You start off by filling the bong all the way to the top, so go past the bowl with your water; it recommends using cold, ice water for better and smoother hits. And that’s exactly what we did because we want nice and smooth hits. Then put your weed in and light it up. As you’re lighting your bud, you have to pull the second part (draw tube) up, so it’ll act as your lung and inhale all the smoke for you, getting your hit ready and milky. Don’t pull it up using the hose, cause that’s going to be your inhaling hose, like a loose smoke straw; you’d pull it up holding onto the draw tube. It not only works for your lungs, but it also works out your arm muscles, cause that’s a tight pull up and it definitely feels like a work out, so you earned your hit at the end.

    When the tube fills with smoke and it’s time to take a hit, take one part of the hose out and inhale from there and proceed to push the draw tube down as you inhale, you can pass it around like a hubbly bubbly or a hookah, if you’re a sharing kind of person; otherwise, you paid for it, you smoke it. This bong was specifically made to give out smoother and purer hits than any other bong before, and as you can see I barely coughed. I would recommend this to somebody that wants to try a new, cool, and fun way to smoke up without a regular bong or a pipe.

    You can check out their website,, they have a limited number of these bongs left in stock, so get on it as soon as possible! They also do free shipping and hey, if you don’t like it, just send it back and get your money back! I believe this bong is being sold for $349, but it is on sale at the moment for $239, so get that discount before it’s all gone! They make it really easy for you to get it, smoke it, and love it! This has to be one of the coolest bongs I’ve seen and smoked out, it’s pretty and modern looking, so get it as a gift for a bong lover or treat yourself to a cool party bong everyone is going to want!

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