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    The Future Of Weed Delivery Services

    These days, you can do everything from your phone. From ordering car service to food delivery, mobile apps have changed the game of how we interact with the world. It’s also changed how we purchase cannabis. Here’s a look at why weed delivery services aren’t going away anytime soon.

    The Weed Delivery Landscape

    Weed delivery services are popping up everywhere. From companies like Eaze to Grassdoor, to subscription services like Nugg Club, weed delivery is the new norm. Some dispensaries like MedMen even have their own form of delivery and weed delivery’s popularity is only increasing the more states legalize cannabis and relax marijuana laws. Like with any delivery service for any type of good, weed delivery is a convenient way for you to get your buds without ever leaving your home or office.

    How It Works

    All it takes is a few taps on your phone and shazam! Your weed will be delivered to you. First, decide what kind of weed you want – Indica, Sativa or hybrid. Then, using your favorite weed delivery service, login, browse the available selection and choose a product that best fits your needs. You’ll probably be asked for your photo ID to verify your age, but that’s standard protocol and is the same system if you were to purchase alcohol over Postmates. Then, kick back and relax while your order is being processed. Just remember to get up off the couch when your driver arrives with your nugs. It’s that simple.

    Delivery vs. Dispensary

    Going to the store for goods in person has its perks: if you’re buying groceries, you select your fruits and vegetables and get to hand test each; if you’re buying clothes, you get to them to see if they fit right then and there. If you’re buying weed, you can see what it looks like in the flesh as well as take a sniff. You get to chat with a budtender and get insights into other strains you might not have known existed. Going to a dispensary can be a fun and interesting experience — provided you have the time to wait in a potential line and are okay with being distracted by all the cool new flavors and weed smoking contraptions. It’s also the preferred method if you have qualms with other people handling your buds.

    If you’re pressed for time, not a fan of human to human contact, or are simply saddled at your current location, weed delivery is for you. Conveniently order from your phone as you would a burrito, and go about your day until your weed arrives. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that. 

    Weed delivery is also great for when you’re entertaining guests. If you’re having friends over for a smoke sesh and realize you ran out of bud – or worse – never had it to begin with, no problem! With weed delivery, none of your friends need to miss a minute of the social gathering, and with a few taps, your weed will be delivered to you and your group.

    On Demand Weed Is Here To Stay

    Weed delivery – like delivery services for food and groceries – is the future. The more states and countries legalize marijauana, the more it cements weed delivery within the cannabis industry. So as long as there is a demand for cannabis – which there will be – delivery services will have a place in cannabis’ future. There’s even talk of crypto currency being integrated into weed delivery platforms, which will further establish weed delivery as a viable option for users to obtain their nugs.


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