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    The Flower Wand Vaporizer: A New Way to Consume Cannabis

    As the world shifts towards normalizing cannabis consumption, many find solace in the reliability of enails for their dabbing needs. MiniNail’s Micro Enail has long been hailed as the pinnacle of durability, consistency, and ease of use in desktop dabbing. But MiniNail is not one to rest on their laurels. Fast forward a few years, and the Seattle-based company has thrown their hat into the dry herb space and ventured into the realm of convection vaporization (aka ball vapes) with their newest creation: the MiniNail Flower Wand Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit. Let’s delve into what makes this your next essential desktop vape.

    Crafted for Intense Flavor and Daily Use

    Harnessing the power of quartz pearls inside a titanium engine, the MiniNail Flower Wand is a testament to meticulous design. The coil swiftly heats the quartz pearls to your desired set temperature. This creates a substantial heat reserve that envelops your flower with full convection heating upon inhalation, delivering an unparalleled flavor experience. Precision is at your fingertips with the ability to adjust temperature by the degree, reaching your desired setting in just three minutes from a cold start.

    Moreover, with constant heat from our attached coil you have an unlimited power reserve, meaning you can draw as long as you want and as many times as you want allowing for large hits or back to back sessions with friends. The Flower Wand’s energy efficient design, quality parts, and minimal maintenance makes this is a true daily driver that will serve you for a very long time.

    With the added convenience of smart plug compatibility you can effortlessly turn on and off the device with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa. Each unit is diligently built and tested in Seattle, backed by an impressive 2-year warranty that speaks volumes about MiniNail’s commitment to quality.

    Unleash the Power of Maximum Vapor Production

    While Ball vapes are new, they are quickly becoming renowned for catering to heavy hitters seeking robust, intensely flavorful clouds, yet they also cater to microdosers—a balance MiniNail has masterfully achieved. The included bowl, crafted from grade 2 titanium with a removable screen, boasts a large capacity for those daring enough to test their lung capacity. Versatility reigns supreme as the MiniNail Flower Wand seamlessly integrates with nearly any water piece, regardless of size or joint orientation. This kit is truly a game-changer, offering versatility for users of all experience levels.

    Upgrade Your MiniNail Experience with Accessory Bundles

    All MiniNail Kits are compatible with each other. So legacy MiniNail enail owners can elevate their setup with the Flower Wand Accessory Bundle, transforming their existing equipment into a dual-threat concentrate and flower vaporizer at a compelling price point. Conversely, Flower Wand owners can expand their horizons by adding the enail accessory bundle to their arsenal, offering tremendous value and the best of both worlds.

    MiniNail’s Flower Wand Vaporizer, with its premium airflow and construction, may come as a surprise from a company known for dabbing. However, when the end product exceeds expectations, the element of surprise becomes truly delightful.


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