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    The Do’s And Don’ts For Gravity Bongs

    Not sure what a gravity bong is? Or maybe you’ve heard about one but haven’t yet experienced its greatness? Here we explore what exactly a gravity bong is, how to use it, and what not to do.

    What Is A Gravity Bong?

    A gravity bong – aka water bong – is a weed smoking contraption that makes use of a plastic container and water holding receptacle, creating a huge cloud of smoke for the user to inhale. With the continuing legalization of weed in many areas, a quality gravity bong might be available for purchase at your local pot shop, which would probably be your best bet. But in the event that’s not the case, we’ve got you covered below.

    Making A Gravity Bong

    Making a gravity bong is pretty easy. Take an empty one-liter bottle and cut it horizontally near the bottom. Then, puncture a hole in the bottle cap and either insert a mouthpiece bowl, or cover the cap with tin foil. If using tin foil, puncture tiny holes in the top and create a “bowl” for your nugs to rest. Next, horizontally cut an empty two-liter bottle near the top. Fill the two-liter bottle with water and gently lower the one-liter bottle with “bowl” into the water.

    How To Use A Gravity Bong

    Now, the fun part. Spark your buds and slowly begin to lift the one-liter bottle out of the water. As you raise it, the one-liter will start to fill with smoke. When the space between the water and the top of the bottle has been filled, remove the cap “bowl” and inhale the smoke from the one-liter. You’re going to be hit in the face with a massive amount of smoke, one that will have you flying high (and probably coughing) within seconds. Repeat the set up and lighting process as many times as desired for yourself or the people you’re with. Just make sure chairs or couches are nearby in case the hit leaves you needing to sit a few plays out. Most of all, be safe and have fun.

    How Not To Use A Gravity Bong

    First things first. When inhaling, make sure you’ve raised up the one-liter bottle through the water, enough to ensure you don’t suck up any water. Nothing will ruin your high faster than choking, even if the high comes on quickly. Another thing– try not to lift the one-liter out of the water completely as you’re raising it, as you do not want to lose any smoke. It’s important to be mindful of this when inhaling as well. In fact, you may want to lower the one-liter into the water as you’re inhaling to keep the smoke contained within the one-liter, and thus maximize what enters your lungs.


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