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    The Best Weed for Sex: A Love Letter From Moonwlkr

    Dear love birds,

    We know how difficult it is to balance work, hobbies, and life in general – especially when you have a special someone to include in your schedule as well. How do you offer them the quality time and satisfaction they deserve whilst stress is weighing you down? 

    We’re not sex therapists by any means, but we do have a solution for you – the best weed for sex wrapped up (no pun intended) in one libido gummy.

    Imagine this: a plate full of strawberries, blueberries, really all the berries that have aphrodisiac properties. You pick up a strawberry and let your partner take a sensual bite out of it. Now your hands are stained red and so are their teeth. That’s real cute, right? 

    What if we changed the narrative? No berry juices staining your white bed sheets and you don’t have to go through a dozen berries to reap the benefits aphrodisiacs provide. ONE tasty passion berry flavored gummy with no preparation or clean up needed – well, there may still be a different type of clean up if you catch our drift. 😉

    Moonwlkr has formulated the perfect performance enhancing gummy. A combination of 2000 mg libido boost blend + 10 mg of Delta 9 THC in each delectable gummy. 

    How Do Libido Gummies Improve Your Sex Life?

    Okay lovers and friends, you’re probably wondering how this one gummy will help you fulfill your partner’s needs and desires? It’s in the ingredients, a recipe for passion if you will. 

    Delta 9 for Sex

    Delta 9 THC releases your inhibitions and unlocks euphoria. Moonwlkr’s libido gummies include 10 mg of Delta 9 per gummy. Just a light dose that won’t knock your socks off but will induce the comfort needed to make you want to take other articles of clothing off. As Delta 9 melts your daily stresses away, you’ll have a clearer mind to really focus on the goal here: complete satisfaction.

    Studies have shown that male Delta 9 users report higher sexual frequency. As for females, questionnaires have proven that increased sexual activity has been related to the usage of marijuana including Delta 9. However, further studies are needed to provide further information on the use of Delta 9 for enhancing the female sex drive.

    Overall, Delta 9 induces relaxation and eases stress and anxiety that may be preventing you from having the ultimate experience in the bedroom.

    Libido Blend for Sex

    Moonwlkr’s specific libido blend encompasses all of the crucial elements for peak performance and piqued lust. What’s included in this secret sensational blend and how does each ingredient actually help you – for a lack of better words – get horny? All natural ingredients such as cordyceps mushrooms, maca, Tribulus, and red ginseng are incorporated into our libido gummies.

    Cordyceps Mushrooms for Sex

    Cordyceps mushrooms have historically been utilized for increased libido. This medicinal mushroom is non-psychoactive and even athletes have used Cordyceps for improved energy and endurance. How does a mushroom help elevate your sex life though? 

    Cordyceps mushrooms help increase blood flow and the utilization of oxygen within your body. This can enhance the male genital function and studies have even shown Cordyceps to counter erectile dysfunction. Cordyceps mushrooms help balance the testosterone levels in males and improve their longevity and performance behind closed doors. The energy provided from these natural fungi alone is enough to make a world of difference for you to last with your partner.

    Maca for Sex

    Maca is a root that has also been used for thousands of years to increase libido naturally. This particular ingredient has proven to inhibit the side effects of menopause in women and increase the quality of semen in men improving fertility.

    No matter your age or stage of life, Maca can help you please your partner and achieve your sexual fantasies.

    Maca even aids with mental health and depression that could be causing a barrier between you and your arousal.

    Tribulus for Sex

    Tribulus is yet another naturally derived plant that has shown promise throughout the centuries for increased libido. Studies have shown that the addition of Tribulus to the daily diet of both men and women has improved their sexual desires and drive.

    Tribulus is that extra cherry on top to really get you and your partner going.

    Red Ginseng for Sex

    You may be thinking, wow all my bases are already covered with this cosmic list of sexy ingredients, how is there more?

    Well there is! Red Ginseng is another natural plant that has proven to combat erectile dysfunction, increase energy and stamina, and aid in your overall healthy well-being. This one can definitely improve the ability, frequency, and longevity of any man’s erection.

    Let’s Get Down to Business

    This combination of Delta 9 THC and our all natural libido boost blend is guaranteed to make you sweat. We’re talking intense arousal, improved performance, and all-nighter fueled endurance. 

    Drop the unrealistic videos and the battery powered toys and get back to skin on skin connection fueled by your own infernal desire. The gas station pills are dangerous and can be a risk to your future sexual health. Moonwlkr takes pride in our transparency, natural ingredients, and third-party lab testing on all of our products, including this heart-throb. 

    Love, Moonwlkr


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