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    The Benefits Of A Tolerance Break

    If you think you’re smoking too much weed, you’re probably right. You know you better than anyone, and a tolerance break is largely brought on by your own self-awareness. Here we walk you through what a tolerance break is, its benefits and how to determine if you should take one.

    What Is A Tolerance Break?

    In layman’s terms, a tolerance break is when you take a break from smoking weed. In cool scientific terms, a tolerance break is when you stop smoking cannabis for a short period of time in order to cleanse your body of cannabinoids – aka THC. The purpose of a tolerance break (or t-break) differs on a case by case basis, as it’s up to the person taking the break to understand the reasons for it.

    When Should I Take One?

    There are many reasons people take a break from smoking weed. Some take a break to save money. Others take a break in order to “lower their tolerance,” like you would when abstaining from alcohol. For others, a tolerance break is court mandated as part of sentencing, or for others it’s because of a new job prospect on the horizon that issues drug tests to its employees. There are some folks who take tolerance breaks because they feel smoking weed is taking over their life, while still others decide they need a break because it’s becoming too much of a “crutch,” in that it’s being relied upon in an unhealthy manner. No matter the reason for your tolerance break, it’s a personal decision and should be made based on factors in your own life, not anyone else’s.

    How To Do It

    First, decide on how long your break from THC will be. Again, only you know what’s best for you. Just because you heard someone’s uncle took a month-long t-break doesn’t mean a month is what you have to do or need to do. Perhaps a few days will be sufficient. Think about the factors influencing your decision to take a tolerance break and choose a timeline based on that set of information.

    Next, abstain! Obviously easier said than done, especially if you’re a daily smoker. But like anything else in life, the more you do it the easier it gets. A helpful tip is to create a calendar containing your t-break timeline and to cross off each you’ve successfully endured your break. After the final day, celebrate!

    Tolerance Break Benefits

    Any time away from any substance gives your body and mind time to reset, declutter and flush itself out. Feeling clear-headed is one of the greatest benefits from taking a tolerance break, as well as a return to a higher potency of the plant when you start smoking once again. Think of a tolerance break like hitting restart on your computer. You don’t necessarily need to do it, but your computer functions that much better when you do.



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