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    The Basics: Papers Or Blunts?

    If you roll your own smokes, you have the option to use rolling papers – of which now there are infinite varieties – or blunts, which are the wraps of cigars made out of tobacco. While blunts are larger and might give you a “boost,” here we breakdown both smoking methods so you can determine what works best for you.

    What’s In A Joint?

    In its most basic form, a joint consists of rolling papers, cannabis, and typically a filter, though not always. Prior to cannabis legalization efforts, papers were marketed for rolling your own cigarettes, but were used for both cannabis and tobacco. This explains why papers are typically comparable in size to the length of a cigarette and come in an assortment of varieties and flavors. Deciding on the taste and what material your rolling papers are made out of all comes down to personal preference. That said, there are a few main types of materials – hemp, wood and rice – which come in any type of flavor you can think of.

    What’s In a Blunt?

    A blunt is weed rolled into any type of cigar paper. They’re typically longer than joints and can pack more cannabis. As infinite as there are cigar sizes and flavors, that’s how many options you have at your disposal for rolling a blunt. Blunts – like cigars – usually do not contain a filter, and are usually heavier than joints given the paper they’re made out of is thicker. The blunt wrap itself is made from tobacco, so you’re also getting a mild tobacco jolt when you smoke weed wrapped in a blunt.

    The Case For Joints

    These days, if you’re looking to smoke a joint, you can either roll one up yourself or buy a pre-roll from the store. Joints are a bit more portable and a bit more discreet than blunts, mainly because the papers are thinner and thus the smoke isn’t as heavy. Joints are also a bit healthier than blunts in that they don’t contain tobacco, and additionally, the smoker can select papers that might be organic or made out of “healthier” materials, whereas blunt quality is subject to the quality and type of paper that come with from the cigar.

    The Case For Blunts

    Blunts can pack a stronger punch than joints and typically last longer because of their size. They’re a bit more formidable than rolling papers given their thicker nature, which leads to less rippage when you’re twisting one up. Since they normally house cigars, you’re also getting the benefit of a tobacco boost, which isn’t for everyone. So unless you like the flavor or effects that come from tobacco or are smoking with a larger group and want your weed to last, joints will most likely be the path for you.


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