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    The Art Of The Bong Rip

    Want a better bong rip? Let’s talk about technique. Here we outline a strategy to improve your bong rip game – from the ground up – so you’ll be ripping better bongs for the rest of your life.

    Materials And Supplies

    Any worthwhile bong rip starts with a worthwhile base of materials. Snag your favorite bong, your favorite bud, an instrument that produces fire and some high quality H20. For more explorative folks, you can also use juice or some other flavored beverage to enhance the taste and aroma. But for most of you, water will suffice, and it’s also much easier to clean up after. Part of being an OG bong ripper also involves being cleanly, so we’ll stick with water and so should you.  

    Bong Prep

    With your solid base of materials in hand, the next step to cultivating a quality bong rip experience is stem submergence. Before packing the stem’s bowl with weed, fill the bong with enough water so that the end of the stem is submerged. This ensures you’ll be generating top-notch water bubbles, which will aid in your inhalation process. With the right amount of water added to your bong, pack the bowl with enough flower to ensure everyone who’s partaking in your smoke sesh will get a hit. Another component of a strong bong-ripping game is knowing how to pack for the people.

    The Rip Part 1: Lighting

    Lighting technique is a huge factor impacting your bong rip experience. Light your buds for too long and you not only risk generating too large of a hit, you might also burn extra nug intended for your friends waiting to rip after you. Lighting for too long not only creates a harsher, more overpowering rip itself, it’s also poor bong rip etiquette. To avoid over-lighting, place your mouth inside the top of the bong before sparking up. With your face covering the hole completely, begin gently sucking in air while stabilizing the bong with one hand and lighting the buds with the other. After a few seconds of water bubbles, quickly cease lighting and cover the top of the bong with your hand to trap the smoke. If there’s a moderate amount of smoke in the chamber, this is a perfect hit. If smoke is minimal, put your mouth inside and pull for a few more seconds, while re-lighting if necessary.

    The Rip Part 2: Inhale And Conclusion

    You’ve reached the final step. With your desired quantity of smoke in the chamber, you’re now ready to rip. To ensure you reap the rewards of your hard work, do not inhale until your mouth is nestled completely into the top of the bong and you’re no longer lighting the nugs. The final inhalation step is all about timing. It’s a balancing act. You’re going to pull out the stem while simultaneously inhaling all the smoke from the chamber. Do it effectively, and you’ll have ripped the bong like a true vet. Fumble or hesitate, and that might be the difference between a substantial head rush and one that feels more like a warm up jog. The important thing to remember is bong ripping is indeed an art, and the more you do it, the more proficient you’ll become.


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