Are THC Edibles Right for You?


You like the idea of enjoying marijuana infused edibles, but you’ve never tried them before, and you’re wondering if you should give them a try. Perhaps you’re a little hesitant because you’ve heard reports that edibles can pack a real THC punch, and you don’t want to end up like some – going on an unexpected mind-altering trip, or stumbling into bed sleeping the effects off for countless hours.
 The way to approach marijuana edibles is with wide-open eyes and reasonable expectations. Consuming edibles isn’t much different than consuming beer or wine. If you drink, you know how your body is going to react after one, two, three or more glasses. Everyone has a certain alcohol tolerance level, and when you go beyond that, you’re going to get tipsy or drunk. Well, marijuana edibles are the same way. Before you can enjoy them, you should figure how much you can consume and still feel good.

It’s All About the Milligrams

 Every time you buy a bottle of wine or a case of beer, the label informs you about the amount of alcohol in each serving. For edibles, you should pay attention to the number of milligrams (mg) listed on the label. This is the only way to know how much THC you’re ingesting in a single serving. After some trial and error, states that allow the use of THC edibles have come up with consistent guidelines.

5 Milligrams of THC Per Serving

 If you’ve never eaten an edible in your life, or you have a small-frame physical build, choose edibles with serving sizes of no more than 5 milligrams of active THC. This is considered a safe dosage to start out with, and the mental and physical effects are going to be mild to non-existent.

10 Milligrams of THC Per Serving

If you occasionally, or regularly smoke marijuana, you may find that 10 milligrams of THC per serving is a good starting point for your introduction to edibles. This is a standard dosage size and one serving should produce a noticeable effect.

Easy to Carry and Consume

One of the major advantages edibles have over smoking is they are so much easier to use discreetly. Smoking requires you to find a safe space to light up and smoke without raising anyone’s suspicions. Marijuana smoke has a distinctive smell and that alone can give you away.
Edibles look like so many other delicious products sold at the local grocery store. You can openly eat your edible dose and no one is the wiser. If you need a safe way to enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana or CBD products, edibles are it.


Experiment and Choose Your Favorites

The cool thing about edibles is that you can pick and choose from a variety of delicious treats. There’s the classic chocolate bar, which satisfies your chocolate craving. Chewy edibles are all the rage, and you can decide if you prefer fruit-flavored gummies in fun shapes, or snack size square chews.
 Once you try edibles, you may never want to dose any other way. Ease your way into them by following the less is more mantra.

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