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    Taylor Gang x Stündenglass: Where Art Meets Innovation

    Are you ready to transcend the ordinary and enter a realm where smoking becomes an art form? Look no further than the Taylor Gang x Stündenglass – a true masterpiece that seamlessly blends cutting-edge engineering with sleek design, ensuring an unparalleled smoking experience.

    But who is the Taylor Gang and how did this collab come to be? 

    Taylor Gang Entertainment is Wiz’s record label featuring award-winning Artists Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Juicy J, Chevy Woods, Berner, RMB Justize, Fedd The God, Young Deji, Kris Hollis, TM88, Sledgren and Ricky P. This partnership was born from mutual love and appreciation. Wiz loves the Stundenglass and can be seen using it all over his social media:

    Full Flavor

    What sets the Stündenglass apart is its mesmerizing kinetic motion. This gravity-powered masterpiece utilizes innovative technology to create a smoking experience unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. The perpetual motion delivers a smooth, consistent pull that allows you to savor the full spectrum of flavors in your material.

    Ease of use

    Ease of use is paramount, and the Stündenglass delivers on this front. With its intuitive design, the setup is a breeze. Simply load your herbs, ignite, and watch as the water chamber seamlessly rotates, creating a symphony of bubbles that filter and cool your smoke. 


    One of the standout features of the Taylor Gang x Stündenglass is its versatility. Whether you’re a solo smoker or sharing the experience with friends, the Stündenglass adapts to your preference. The adjustable settings let you control the pace and intensity of your smoke, ensuring a personalized session every time. Further to this, our accessories mean that you can transform the device into a hookah as well as be able to smoke food and beverages. 

    Built to Last

    Built with durability in mind, the Stündenglass is an investment that will stand the test of time. Quality materials and precision engineering ensure that this device isn’t just a fleeting trend but a lasting companion on your smoking journey.

    The Taylor Gang Stündenglass isn’t just a smoking device; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Elevate your smoking ritual, make a statement, and join the ranks of those who appreciate the fusion of art and innovation. Don’t just smoke – experience the extraordinary with the Taylor Gang x Stündenglass. Embark on a new era of smoking sophistication.


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