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    Take A Summer Trip Through These 5 Stoner Communities

    Ah, the sweet sounds, sights and smells of summer are once again upon us, and with the world reopening after a seemingly endless slumber, summer 2021 is shaping up to be one for the record books. To that end, if you’re looking to use the summer months for travel but want to make sure you’re in a 420-friendly area, we’ve got you covered. Here are five cities that make fantastic roadtrip destinations or individual trips themselves, while all embracing the delights of cannabis greenery.

    Los Angeles, California

    No where in the US is weed more abundant and socially accepted than in California. As the first state to legalize medical marijuana back in the 90s, California’s had a leg up on the competition, and it shows – particularly in Los Angeles. Being in Los Angeles is like being in at adult DisneyLand but for weed enthusiasts. There are tons of dispensaries and head shops everywhere, so getting what you need is never a hassle, and because cannabis is such a big part of the west coast lifestyle, you can pretty much exist high anywhere without a problem (except behind a car, don’t drive high). With so much to do in Los Angeles, you might want to consider spending a few days in this city in order to experience all it has to offer from a cannabis – and tourist – standpoint.

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    As if you needed another reason to go to Vegas. Well here are two more: Vegas is one of the most popular US cities for throwing marijuana-themed events and is also one of the top US cities where weed lounges are available and waiting for you to take part in them. If your summer plans include a Vegas trip, you’ll be pleased to know that since 2017, weed has been a legal part of existence here, provided you’re over the age of 21. So whether you’re gambling, hitting pool parties, or dancing the night away, know that this city has your back and your big bad stoner self can live it up to the max (safely) all while openly showcasing the 420 lifestyle.

    Denver, Colorado

    Since 2012, Dever has been a “pot pioneer” in terms of advancing legalization and decriminalization efforts. The clear nationwide leader when it comes to 420-friendly restaurants and lodging, Denver is a prime time destination to get your smoke on without fear of any backlash. The key benefit when traveling to Denver is the number of public places you can venture to while smoking or being stoned! They’re as abundant as tap water, which makes Denver a fantastic destination to plan stoner-based activities by yourself or with your friends. Whether it’s one night in town or a weekend getaway, Denver has the environment and the goods to keep your smoking self satiated.

    Detroit, Michigan

    Fueling the motor city’s placement on this list is Detroit’s blossoming appetite for cannabis, as vocalized by its citizens. Detroit remains one of the top cities where “weed” and “marijuana” are searched on Google, so it’s no surprise then that the city is – like Vegas – also one of the top cities for cannabis related events. Adding Detroit to your road trip list or as a solo destination will definitely not disappoint, since any given week will have no shortage of marijuana-based events to get involved in. So spark one up and head on over to the D for a fun filled adventure. Did we mention weed has been legal here since 2019?

    Boston, Massachusetts

    Boston is one of those cities where now that weed is legal, it’s gotten a whole lot better. There was already a vibrant nightlife and social scene before legalization, plus a plethora of cultural centers and attractions to keep visitors occupied for days. On top of that, the restaurant and cuisine space is undeniable, with fantastic flavors popping off in every area of the city. Now, you can add weed to the mix and enhance an already fun experience ten fold. Whether it’s food, music, or simply walking through a museum, there is so much to do in Boston, and now that you can do it stoned, there’s no reason why the city shouldn’t be part of your travel plans this summer.


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