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    Sweets + Dreams’ Class

    By now, you should be aware of the new PhytoFacts® cannabis classification system that has been introduced to provide a more detailed analysis of cannabis strains. If you aren’t aware of it, then go ahead and read our previous post. This article aims to cover the ‘Sweet + Dreams’ class and provide a clear and concise roadmap. 


    What is ‘Sweet + Dreams’ Class

    As you can see, this class has a few notable qualities – specifically the fact that it is classified as a ‘indica’. Indica, or indica strains, are known for their effects on the body. However, with the new classification system, there’s much more to it than just being ‘Indica’. 

    This class is typically associated with terpenes that provide scents one may identify as fruity, sweet, woody, hoppy, and herbaceous. The shifting codominance of the terpenes Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Pinene not only affect the smell of the flowers in this category but also contribute to the overall effects that are said to be felt. Most are looking at the potency (cannabinoid percentage) when choosing flowers but it’s the terpenes that are the biggest contributor to effects, which we will cover in our phytolab reports for our strains classified as Sweet + Dreams.

    Blue Dream (INDOOR) CBD Hemp Flower Strain 

    This amazing Indica-dominant hemp strain is incredible, to say the least. The buds are medium in size and firm to the touch. A classic OG nose, covered with trichomes and releasing a harsh gassy fragrance. When you remove the lid from the jar, the smell is immediately noticeable, and it gets much better when you pinch the buds. The buds are sticky and fresh, with a CBDa content of over 16 percent. Providing a comfortable smoke with a smooth OG flavor in the beginning and a gassy finish. A small heaviness behind the eyelids and a noticeable mental influence are felt almost immediately. This strain is excellent for pain relief, stress reduction, and insomnia relief.

    The Dominant Terpenes:

    *Myrcene: A terpene consistent with the Sweet + Dreams class is myrcene. Myrcene is known for its sedative, ‘couch-lock’ effects, myrcene helps calm the mind and body by boosting the production of mood-regulating neurotransmitters dopamine and GABA. It can also help relieve pain and relax muscles, which helps ease the bodily discomfort that often accompanies stress – which explains why this class is associated with relaxation.

    Myrcene gives our cannabis strain a mildly sweet flavor profile and provides scent notes that are spicy, earthy, and muskiness – which can be seen in the report for ‘Blue Dream’.

    *b-Caryophyllene: β-Caryophyllene is generally the most abundantly produced terpene in Nature. Over the last decade, it has gained scientific attention after discovering that it can directly activate cannabinoid receptors. Basically, the β-Caryophyllene terpene acts as a cannabinoid.

    In our Blue Dream strain, beta-caryophyllene most likely contributes to euphoric relaxation and creates the cozy, relaxed, happy mood often associated with some cannabis varieties – and specifically explains the uplifting feeling linked with the Sweet + Dreams class. 


    *Terpinolene: Terpinolene, a terpene dominant in about one in ten cannabis strains, is recognized for its woody smell combined with floral citrus notes, which explains the overall contribution to the ‘Blue Dream’ strain having high citrusy attributes, and explains the link to the Sweet + Dreams classification.

    In our strains, terpinolene most likely contributes to cerebral stimulation and may create heightened energy and whizzing thought spirals often associated with some cannabis varieties. For some, this experience is positive, leading to further productivity and focus. 


    *Beta-Pinene: In cannabis, two of the most important terpenes are alpha and beta-pinene. As the name suggests, these create a pine-like flavor and aroma and are found in massive concentrations in pine trees. This terpene is actually one of the contributors to the gas-like aroma of the overall class.

    As you should see from the lab reports, it’s clear how important each terpene is to a flower or strain’s overall effects and classification. Not only do the terpenes contribute to the flavor profiles, but they stand to be the defining aspect of every class. This should go to show just how vital terpenes are, and why you should pay attention. 


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