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    Strange Ways To Smoke

    Bored of the same stoner monotony? Changing up your smoking strategy might inject a little zip to your zingers. Here are some strange ideas to put the “pep” back in your puffs.

    Hot Knives

    Super dangerous and only really recommended if extreme safety precautions are in place – ie, oven mitts, coil burning stove, parent supervision – “hot knives” is the practice of heating the end of a knife by placing it on the coil stove top burner, and then removing the knife and placing nugs on the heated end. When the weed makes contact with the knife, it will immediately produce smoke, which is when you’ll inhale.

    Gas Mask

    Using a gas mask to get high can give you the ultimate head rush. Whether you’re using a real gas mask (rare) or a makeshift gas mask (more common), the high from a gas mask will knock you on your ass. Imagine taking a massive bong rip and immediately becoming stoned. That’s what it’s like inhaling weed through a gas mask. Affix your smoking device to the end of the mask (ie, a bong) and inhale the smoke into your mask. The inside of the mask will fill with vapor – which might irritate your eyes, nose, and throat – but if you can withstand that irritation, you’ll be on your way to one of the highest experiences of your life.

    Hawaiian Hot Box

    Another enhanced high is that of the Hawaiian Hot Box. H-H-B is effective at delivering a “higher high” because of how it messes with temperature, creating a humid environment that encourages weed smoke to remain in the air until it is fully consumed. Thus, Hawaiian Hot Box is best implemented if you’re going to be smoking with friends, or, if you’re looking to go on a solo adventure and possibly fall asleep in the bathroom.

    First step is to bring your weed and your smoking device into the bathroom with you. Next, turn on a hot shower – but do not get in the shower – and close the bathroom door behind you (or your friends). Towel the door to prevent steam (and soon to be weed smoke) from exiting beneath the bathroom door. Do not turn on the fan, as the purpose here is to cause the bathroom to steam. Once the interior of the bathroom is full of steam, spark your smoke and enjoy a sauna-esque experience from the comfort of your own home. When you’re finished, turn on the fan, remove the towel by the door, and as the vapor vanishes, it’s like you were never there.

    “L” Joints

    Another strange way to smoke in a group setting is with the “L” joint. “L” joints derive their name from the fact that they look like the letter “L.” Crazy, right? They’re just two joints rolled together in “L” form, but they last considerably longer than regular joints, which makes them a perfectly unique way to puff puff pass with more than one person. “L” joints do require a bit of finesse when rolling – having to line up two rolling papers at a ninety-degree angle – so make sure your top friend is on the job, as your buddy with wobbly extremities will almost certainly mess things up.


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