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    Strange Moments In Stoner History Pt. 1

    The world of weed is a fun and fascinating space, complete with a rich and colorful history of scandal, humor, rock and roll and the bizarre. Here we take a look at some of the more unique moments to ever have risen from the depths of the global marijuana scene.

    Ricky Williams Departs NFL To Smoke Weed

    In 2012, NFL running back Ricky Williams decided to turn in the helmet and shoulder pads in order to regularly consume cannabis. Williams had long suffered multiple suspensions for testing positive for weed in his system, and despite putting up magnificent numbers for the New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins over the course of his career, he was suspended frequently for his marijuana use. It’s always interesting to wonder what kind of career Williams would have had if he’d been playing in the NFL of today, where weed consumption no longer triggers a suspension, but instead elicits a fine. Regardless, Williams goes down in history as a man dedicated to the plant.

    The First Legal Weed In Spokane, Washington

    In 2014, Mike Boyer became the first person to legally purchase marijuana in Spokane, Washington. He was also subsequently the first person in Spokane, Washington to be fired from his job for legally purchasing pot. Later, he became the first person in Spokane, Washington to legally purchase pot and be fired because of legally purchasing pot only to be rehired! What a whirlwind of emotion! Essentially what happened was Boyer’s employer saw him on the news becoming Spokane’s first legal weed purchaser and asked him to submit to a drug test, after which he was fired. But a few days later – citing a misunderstanding – Boyer was rehired. Talk about a twisted series of events.

    Reporter Quits News Job On Air Over Weed

    In one of the most epic job quits ever recorded, Alaskan news reporter Charlo Greene quit her position as news anchor live on air, saying, “F*ck it, I quit!” Greene quitting followed her reported news story about the medical marijuana company, Alaska Cannabis Club. When she finished reporting the story she revealed that she was in fact the owner of Alaska Cannabis Club and informed the audience that she was leaving her job as a reporter to run ACC full time. And if that bombshell wasn’t enough, she concluded her story with the three words that catapulted her from Alaska obscurity to viral video sensation: “F*ck it, I quit,” and walked right off of the set.

    The Michael Phelps Bong Rips

    November, 2008. World champion olympic swimmer Michael Phelps holds a weed filled bong up to his lips and is about to inhale when – SNAP – a picture is taken. Flash forward a year later to 2009 when said picture is released to the public via the British tabloid, News Of The World. The backlash against Phelps was instantaneous, especially because the photo was taken a mere three months after he won a monumental eight gold medals during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The photo ultimately provided Phelps with a three-month suspension from the sport he so effortlessly dominated, which is bizarre given how the photo was taken after the olympic performance, let alone in private. But, such is life for a celebrity figure under the microscope at a time when weed was seen as an enemy of the people.

    David Lee Roth Arrested For Trying To Buy $5 Nugs

    In 1993, David Lee Roth – the lead singer of Van Halen – was arrested for attempting to purchase weed in New York City. But not just any weed, five dollars worth. What a way to get busted! Given a high-profile individual was involved in a low severity crime, the charges were soon dropped and life resumed as usual for DLR. With increased cannabis legalization these days, it’s interesting to think how this strange moment in stoner history really wouldn’t be noteworthy at all in today’s weed climate. In fact, getting busted for weed today is almost universally seen as unfair, compared to 1993 when David Lee Roth bought a nickel bag of pot and was taken into police custody as a result.


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