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    Strains To Keep You Focused On Zoom Calls

    Once upon a time, video conferencing was mainly used to allow individuals from different geographic areas to “meet” virtually, predominantly for work related purposes. Now, Zoom calls have become the norm. From lectures, to meetings, to scholastic classes, video conferencing has replaced traditional in-person meetings, and with that comes a stronger test to one’s attention span. Staring at a screen can be monotonous, and you can only consume so much caffeine throughout the day to help you stay on track. As an alternative to cold brew, here are some canna-strains that will keep you alert and focused for the duration of those Zoom video calls.


    If you’re feeling tired and sluggish, Jetfuel might be your perfect pick-me-up. It’s quite the bad look if you’re caught snoozing on a Zoom, so consider Jetfuel a potential option for a pre-video-conference boost. The energizing Sativa-dominant strain performs like its namesake, helping you fight fatigue and really zero in on what’s being said during your Zoom meeting. The only downside is – like with any weed – Jetfuel can exacerbate already dry eyes, so be sure to have refreshing eye drops handy before you start taking hits. It’s also recommended that first time users of the strain use start sparingly at first, since the effects are rather intense if consumed in higher quantities.


    What better way to start an hour-long Zoom call than by puffing this Indica-dominant strain beforehand? Zkittelz – aka Skittles – is known for its uplifting effects and its ability to help those who consume it increase their focus. So whether you’re on an hour-long or a 30-minute conference, a few hits of Zkittelz should have you feeling alert, sharp and at your most productive.


    For those longer lasting Zoom calls, you need a longer lasting strain. This Sativa-dominant hybrid should do the trick, leaving you relaxed, readily alert and sociable. Best of all, the feeling slowly tapers off, leaving you engaged on your call for the long haul. So before you sit down at the computer for that marathon virtual meeting, take a few hits of AK-47 and confidently sit back in your swivel knowing you’ve quite literally consumed all the necessary ingredients to be an engaging participant on any video call. 


    There’s a reason why Cinex made our list as one of the Best Strains For Poker Night: because it helps you focus. Just like when you’re seated at the poker table, being present and paying attention is of the utmost importance while on a Zoom video conference call. The Sativa-dominant strain is known for its mood-altering effects, most notably boosting motivation, improving fatigue and leaving you with a clear-headed high. If you’re feeling good on the inside, your inner-shine will project outwardly, and your ability to pay attention to the task at hand – or task on Zoom – will be greatly improved. 



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