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    Strains That Make You Smarter

    For quite some time, the image of the lazy stoner is what most people associated with marijuana: a mythical burnout snacking on Cheetos, neglecting responsibilities and being of no service to himself or society. Thankfully, times (and laws) are changing, and as the benefits of the marijuana plant become more mainstream, so too is the idea that cannabis can actually aid one’s cognitive function rather than detract from it. In fact, since cannabis might actually make you “smarter,” we’ve compiled a few strains to help point you in the right direction.

    Green Crack

    Known for its energizing effects, this impressive Sativa strain is said to produce a “mental buzz” within its consumers so that you’re fired up and firing on all cylinders. Increased neuron and brain activity? Perhaps. But while smoking Green Crack won’t make you Einstein, the strain can help you battle anxieties, fears and depression. An improvement in mental health is certainly a way of becoming a smarter, more well-rounded individual, wouldn’t you say? The “smart” folks definitely think so.

    Lemon Haze

    Named after it’s citrus-flavored smell, Lemon Haze is another juicy Sativa that is as refreshing to smoke as it is on the mind. Known for stimulating cerebral activity, Lemon Haze is said to help consumers activate both their mind and body. Essentially the strain acts as a sort of energy catalyst to physical activities and thoughtful conversations. It’s like a spark plug for your brain that grounds you into functioning as a more efficient human. Just be careful of the comedown: the higher the dose you consume, the more detached and melty you might feel – which if that’s how you best identify with “smarts,” then this bud’s for you. 

    Pineapple Express

    Like the aforementioned Green Crack and Lemon Haze, Pineapple Express relaxes your mind into a highly-functional state of productivity. The Sativa-dominant hybrid will have you feeling reinvigorated and talkative, almost like you’re coming alive or coming out from the metaphorical shell you didn’t know you’d been hiding under. Pineapple Express truly makes this list more due to its ability to help its users multi-task. This means, a few puffs of “PE” might be just the thing your mind needs to help prioritize issues and tasks at hand.

    White Russian

    For the more “enlightened” or elevated souls, White Russain might be the key to getting even higher! The hybrid strain is known for inducing a powerful, introspective head high, which has been said to help boost one’s clarity and minimize confusion. Great creative inspiration can be produced from this strain, which can be a fantastic tool for problem solving or for looking at a situation from an entirely new perspective. It’s recommended that this strain be consumed during the daytime, since the flurry of brain activity it produces might be difficult to turn off if you’re trying to get some rest.



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