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    Strains That Help With Depression

    Let’s face it. Being depressed sucks. Some days are way harder than others, and for times when you might need a little extra boost in the absence of having someone to talk to, a gentle puff of low-THC strains might buy you a few minutes of solace. It’s an important reminder though, that cannabis shouldn’t be the answer, and that talking to a professional or loved one is the best way to remove yourself from a dark place. With that said, these strains might help provide some relief in a pinch.

    Lemon Skunk

    This Sativa-dominant strain is fantastic for helping ease anxiety, and it’s also reported users might feel more sociable after consumption. Whether you’re struggling alone or just trying to calm your nerves, Lemon Skunk can help promote mind and body relaxation so that you’re feeling a little more positive about whatever life throws your way. And although Lemon Skunk is Sativa-dominant, its early effects act more like an Indica, so it’s best to keep yourself in a calm environment.

    Glass Slipper

    Another Sativa-dominant hybrid, Glass Slipper is a mix of Pineapple 99 and Cinderella 99. Most consumers report feeling uplifted by the fruity flavored strain and are pleasantly relaxed by its euphoric properties. It should be noted that the high from Glass Slipper hits fast, so chances are you’ll also experience an energy boost in addition to the uptick in your mood. It can be consumed during the day or at night, and all of its mellow, grounding properties come without any paranoia or jitters.

    Poochie Love

    An adorable name for an adorable strain, Poochie Love is yet another Sativa-dominant hybrid — are you noticing a trend here? In addition to an uplifted energy and spirit, Poochie Love also provides a small boost to creativity and productivity. Like a good dog, Poochie Love will also have your back if your depression is accompanied by pain, headaches or migraines, and is well equipped to do battle against those conditions. 

    Seattle Cough

    If you thought Seattle Cough was another Sativa-dominant hybrid, then, well…you’re pretty damn smart. This strains’ trademark effects are feelings of giddiness and arousal, combined with an early head rush of euphoric sensations and energy. Long known for helping treat depression and anxiety, Seattle Cough also aids in fighting inflammation and fatigue.



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