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    Strains That Are Best For Sex

    The combination of weed and sex is one of life’s great pairings. Like bread and cheese or cookies and ice cream, sex and cannabis just go well together. Here are some of our favorite strains that will help maximize your enjoyment and intensity of those intimate moments between the sheets.

    Granddaddy Purple

    If you struggle with bedroom confidence, the Indica Granddaddy Purple may be your antidote. The strain is known to lower inhibitions, making it easier for you to “make a move” or slip into something more…comfortable. While puffing on Grandaddy P may not make you a sex superstar, it will certainly help you release yourself to the moment and be more comfortable in your own skin. And if true intimacy relies on being your true self, then Granddaddy Purple is your ticket to an authentic trip to pleasure town.


    Similar to Granddaddy Purple, this mind-bending Sativa-dominant hybrid is excellent if you want to use cannabis to accentuate intimate moments and bring fewer anxieties with you to the sexual table. Being present with your lover is such a turn-on, and Trainwreck is known to open up your mind to feelings of euphoria and happiness in ways that are pleasantly stimulating. The strain also helps users experience more of a grounded sensation, so if you find yourself getting high and spacing out, Trainwreck might help you bring what you want to see into better focus for a longer period of time.

    Sour Diesel

    Looking for a more heightened sensory experience? If so, the wildly popular Sativa – Sour Diesel – might be right for you. Among its many uses, like improved concentration while playing poker, Sour Diesel may help increase a person’s sensitivity to touch, which may be particularly handy if your method of foreplay involves massaging, rubbing, or any other type of skin-on-skin contact. For others, the strain is rumored to provide a blissful energetic rush, one where the sex becomes so electifying that touch can feel simply orgasmic. Regardless, it’s a fact that being stoned in the company of someone you desire makes the high that much more enjoyable, so try some Sour Diesel and see if two can indeed become one.


    For the more “adventurous,” or those searching for some pain-relief with their significant other, look no further than Harlequin. The Sativa-dominant CBD strain is particularly effective at providing clear-minded, alert effects, giving you relief and relaxation without any of the sluggishness. To be clear, we’re not recommending this strain as a lube replacement, but if your aim is to ease into a sensual experience and nip any potential pain in the bud, then try out some Harlequin as a romantic remedy.



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