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    Stoner Kit

    Every stoner kit is pretty much the same, but every stoner has their own unique touch added to it. We’ve put together a list of just a few of the essentials needed for your stoner kit.



    Yes, very important to have unless you like sticky fingers or are rolling a blunt. Either way, a grinder is definitely in every stoners kit. It’ll grind your big buds up into tiny little buds that are easier to roll with or smoke with through your bowl. Then there’s the leftover keef that you can save up and smoke one day at the bottom of the grinder.

    The Stash and Stash Jar

    Everyone has weed of course, either in the baggie they bought it in or their stash jar. If you buy a lot at once, then chances are you have a stash jar. These jars are really cute, they could even be a stash box or bag, or just not have a jar. It’s up to you!

    Rolling paper and filters

    If you’re a joint roller, then you always have these. A lot of people’s go-to rolling paper is RAW, but some other good ones include Smoking Deluxe, Elements, Pure Hemp, OCB, and so on.

    Rolling Tray

    If you roll on random stuff, then it’s likely you have loose weed bits all over your place. Just get a cute little try to hold all your stuff and then use it to roll on. You can buy cheap ones off Amazon and tailor your own unique rolling tray.


    If this isn’t in your kit, then you vape. A lot of people like Clippers because of its poking device that’s installed in it which is pretty dope, but the quick and easy of course is Bic and their cool selection.

    Joint Roller

    If you like smoking joint, but are really bad at hand rolling them, then just get a rolling machine. It makes it so easy to roll a joint; there are a few different kinds of rolling machines that have been made over the years that work great.

    Blunt Wrap

    If you prefer blunts over other smoking methods or enjoy the casual blunt, then you definitely need the wrap for it. Some main brands are Swisher Sweets, Backwoods, High Hemp, King Palms, Phillies, and so on. They all have a different style, taste, and burn to them which is a nice variety.

    EZ Split

    Since you smoke blunts, then you of course have to have an EZ Split. Instead of ripping your blunt paper down the middle with your fingers, you just push the cigar through the whole of an EZ Split and it cuts it open perfectly. It’s beautiful and mesmerizing.



    It’s nice having a little pipe just in case you run out of rolling paper and having nothing to smoke with. There are so many different designs on pipes that are really awesome. A lot of people like to collect as many pipes or smoke-able glassware as possible.



    It’s not really a necessary, but it’s an essential. A lot of people prefer to smoke out of a bong for the burn it gives, its quick, convenient, and also saves weed. If you don’t have a bong because they’re too expensive, then you can make your own DIY bong with actually anything. You can turn a water bottle into a bong or even a fruit into a bong; research it and have fun.

    And Lastly, if You’re Leaving the House: Eye Drops, Gum, Water

    Nobody needs to know your business, so better they can’t smell or sense it off you. Clear eyes 3-in-1 action are the best and easiest to get. Any gum will work, it not only keeps your mouth smelling good, but it keeps your mouth active for no dry mouth. Of course though, always have water on you and stay hydrated.

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