Step By Step Guide To Water Cure Cannabis

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We live in a world of fast internet, fast foods, express trains, supersonic airplanes and all that. Everything has become instant. We want them now. The cannabis curing process is not left out of this instant mania. We want our weed cured like yesterday and ready to use.
In response to this growing demand and instant appetite gratification, innovative individuals have devised means to shorten the curing process from several months using the classic slow-drying methods to mere seven days. This meant your cannabis will be cured and ready within a matter of days.
Are you eager to learn what these new processes are? Let us dive right in,  
One of such innovative technique is the water cure process; it involves the use of water to cure cannabis. In this blog post we will show you the step by step approach to using this process;
Step 1
Harvest your marijuana flowers and cut away those large fan-like leaves and stems. Though you can still wait till the end of the curing process to do this.
Step 2
Get containers and fill them with the flowers. Ensure they are well covered with water ( let the leaves be under water). The water shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. Seal the containers with tight covers.
Change the water at least once every day to keep the osmotic pressure up. This is because, through the process of osmosis, the water draws out the nutrients, dissolves sugars, and other unwanted impurities from the leaves, leaving behind the insoluble cannabinoid-resins. To keep the water clean and maintain a steady osmotic pressure, some people resort to providing a continuous drip of water.
Step 4
Monitor the water as it becomes more and more clear. This signals that there are no more particles to remove using this process.
Step 5
Remove the cannabinoid-rich resins from the water and hang out in the open to completely dry the damp leaves.
Well, there you have your water cured cannabis though the end product may not be as pretty, smell as great, or taste as awesome as cannabis that was cured using the slow-drying method. Nothing is taken away from the water cured ganja since it is as potent as the cannabis cured for a considerable length of time.
Have you tried using this method to cure your weed? Would you consider using it? Share your thoughts with us on this method.


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