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    Stay Highdrated : Sip Elixirs Unveils New Flavors for the Ultimate 4/20 Celebration

    As we head into the biggest holiday of the year it’s time to get your list ready, and check it twice. No, we’re not talking about Christmas, we’re talking about 420! What’s better than a holiday dedicated to our favorite way to kick back and relax, or shall we say: SIP back and relax. 

    This year we decided to go big on 420 with a new line of productsSip Energy is our latest creation and features three new delicious flavors: Citrus SparkBlue Razz and Xpresso. Each is as tasty as our original lineup and packs 150mg of caffeine into each bottle. If it’s time to level up your wake and bake, add some spark to your morning mimosa, or electrify your afternoon pick-me-up let’s go!

    Also high on our list are the OG fan favorites including Electric LemonHurricaneTropical CrushWatermelonWild Berry and Sunset Punch. Each pairs perfectly with a variety of drinks to make a killer mocktail and, whatever your mood, we’ve got you covered with three different effects. Party amps you up so you’re ready to go; Chill helps calm you down and zen out; and Sleep does just that, letting you drift into dreamland for a solid night’s rest. Sip’s Dreamberry flavor is an enhanced elixir which has 50mg of CBN, providing a deeper and more relaxed sleep for those who need it.

    So whatever your mood, we’ve got you covered. We invite you to head to your local dispensary in our flagship state of Nevada, California or Arizona and “Stay Highdrated.”


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