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    Spreading Spores of Healing, Education, and Sustainability with MyCOLove Farm

    At MyCOLove Farm (MLF), our mission is to heal and educate people through the power of functional mushrooms. We strive to embody the natural ecology of the Fungal Queendom.

    MLF is a USDA certified organic company that is proud of its commitment to superior quality and sustainability. MLF is a vertically integrated company based out of Colorado. This capability allows us to grow functional mushroom species in our commercial farm, create our own high-quality extracts, bottling, and labeling (farm to bottle). MLF focuses on native functional mushroom species found naturally in North America (that we clone). Our current product line includes Organic-High Potency tinctures of Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps and Turkey Tail.

    To ensure the potency of our extracts, we use a dual solvent, triple extraction process that is unique in the industry. This proprietary process extracts a wide range of compounds from the mushrooms (Triterpenoids, Polysaccharides like Beta D Glucans, Cordycepin, Hericenones and Erinacines, Ganoderic Acid, PSP & PSK) resulting in highly effective and customizable extracts for our customers and any mushroom derived products. MLF also conducts herbal extractions that synergize with each mushroom. We extract Organic Gotu Kola (Nootropic), Organic Elderberry (Adaptogen/Immunity), Guayusa (Energy) and Echinacea (Immunity). 

    At MLF, we are committed to sustainability. We use biodegradable grow bags and glass to minimize our environmental impact. We focus on regenerative farming and myco-remediation techniques to promote biodiversity in our environment. 

    One of the pillars of our company is education. We lead cultivation workshops for the general public, and teach clinicians in medicinal mycology. We strive to help people understand the full benefits of our products and how to incorporate them into the wellness aspect of their lives.

    MLF is a company committed to healing, education, and sustainability. Our vertically integrated process, commitment to sustainability, and focus on education set us apart from other companies in our industry. Choose MLF for high-quality extracts, current educational resources, and sustainable practices.

    Our current product line-up: 

    • Lion’s Mane & Gotu Kola – Nature’s most potent Nootropic
    • Reishi & Elderberry- Superior Adaptogen 
    • Cordyceps & Guayusa – Endurance 
    • Turkey Tail & Echinacea- Immunity

    Head to and use the code: “DANK420” for 20% off your entire order. 



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