A Silent Victory For Marijuana in the Deep South

Last month, South Carolina passed a bill allowing the cultivation and sale of hemp in the state. This will make it easier to purchase CBD oil without fear of breaking any state laws. Even though the federal ban of CBD is still in effect, it is rarely enforced unless a state decides to enforce it. Most southern states like South Carolina usually follow these federal guidelines, even though they make no public law regarding it. But now the state has made its own law, making things much more clear for those who use CBD for recreational or medical purposes.
South Carolina has been notorious for opposing any legalized form of Marijuana. Lawmakers who drafted this bill were trying for months to explain to their opponents the difference between CBD and marijuana. Finally, they got their point across. State politicians, who consider themselves ‘heroes’ for the farmers that got them elected, agreed to sign the bill and they moved forward. This is because they finally saw the benefit of hemp sales and how it can boost the state economy. Once money was involved, it was difficult to say no.
Now that the law is passed many are expecting authorities to issue 20 state licenses to grow hemp. People are jumping on board immediately for the opportunity, and this is leaving politicians wondering what took them so long.

The Good

Many conservative politicians are against hemp production, thinking it has to do with marijuana. Some are so misguided that they believe CBD is psychoactive. Many red states have been opposing hemp production altogether, and that means no CBD. With smaller victories like these, progress is being made. If a politician can finally agree to allow hemp production, we can eventually lead these politicians to agree with medical marijuana, and finally recreational.

The bad

This bill took years to get through the South Carolina lawmaking system. Meanwhile, many epileptic kids and chronically ill people had to break federal law to get some decent CBD oil, since it is federally illegal to transport CBD across state lines.
Even though progress was made, it was slow progress. Many other states are completely allowing recreational marijuana altogether, and South Carolina is just now allowing hemp cultivation.

The Takeaway

One the bright side, some progress was made in a red state where few had any hope for hemp or marijuana legalization. South Carolina is following Tennessee in legalizing this matter. A few years ago, Tennessee legalized CBD oil for chronically ill patients, even though it was nearly impossible to get in the state until hemp production was allowed at a later date.
Hopefully soon, we will see progress be made at a faster pace.
If your state does not seem to be making progress on the issue of marijuana, the only thing you can hope for is a federal law making CBD or marijuana legal at the federal level.
CBD and marijuana and its legality can be very confusing, but if we keep making smaller steps we can eventually see marijuana legal in all 50 states.

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