Should Oregon Freeze Cannabis Production?

Medical marijuana has been legal in Oregon since 1998, but became recreationally legal in 2014. Oregon has been known for its ideal weather that can produce huge amounts of high-quality buds and people tend to take advantage of that. Eventually Oregon produced enough weed to last them at least up to 6 years.



Producing too much weed could start up a few problems, firstly regarding where all the excessive amount of weed was going. Some said that the excess ended up in an out of state black market and others said that agents confiscated about 2,644 pounds of outbound marijuana and 1.2 million dollars. Having too much cannabis could cause a major damper on cultivation industry which would drive down wholesale prices.



Moreover, Oregon has voted to put a temporary freeze on cannabis production for 2 years. This will impact the cultivation; however, if passed then new cultivators won’t be allowed to get a license, but already licensed growers are allowed to renew their licenses during the freeze.





However, the OLCC knows very little about the supply and demand of cannabis. According to the end result, only 11% of 1 million pounds of weed produced ended up with retail customers in 2017. A lot of manufacturers buy cannabis in order to infuse it with their products to make edibles, creams, oils, bath-bombs, and so much more.



So by doing this 2-year freeze, the state will finally be able to find out exactly how much cannabis is being produced all year round. They’ll do so by keeping the production levels constant and will give them a better idea on how much weed to grow.

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