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    Say No to Aluminum Grinders

    Did you know Aluminum is a neurotoxin?

    “Aluminum is neurotoxic. Its free ion, Al(3+) (aq), is highly biologically reactive and uniquely equipped to do damage to essential cellular (neuronal) biochemistry. This unequivocal fact must be the starting point in examining the risk posed by aluminum as a neurotoxin in humans.” – Source: Exley Christopher. “What is the risk of aluminum as a neurotoxin?” PubMed Apr 30 2014 

    Why is it that so many grinders are made of aluminum? It’s simple, Aluminum is the most abundant metal in Earth’s crust. It’s cheap and easy to manufacture. Corporations take advantage by using it in anything and everything at the expense of our bodies. 

    For thousands of years we have been using steel utensils. They are time tested, proven to be safe and long lasting. Your kitchen knife set is made from stainless steel, shouldn’t your grinder be? 

    Introducing Iaso Goods

    Say goodbye to aluminum contamination with Iaso Goods Stainless Steel Grinders. Our 100% Stainless Steel grinders are durable, food-safe, and engineered to ensure no aluminum shavings contaminate your herbs. Experience the peace of mind that comes with using our 100% grade stainless steel grinders. Perfect not just for medical cardholders, but for anyone who prioritizes their health.


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