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    ROSINBOMB Rocket

    There are no chemicals involved- no rubber gloves, no messy stuff, and the best part is you know what you are smoking! The ROSINBOMB is a very well made product that is made in the USA. I like the ROSINBOMB and it is one of my favorites is because it’s a family-owned business that pays attention to the highest quality of product and manufacturing. Just last week I watched a guy smoked a record-breaking quarter-pound dab last week and he was saying how much he loved the quality of the ROSINBOMB press. Many people should be using this press so they know what they are smoking and it really is freshest it can be! It’s important to only put the good stuff into your body!

    Now the ROSINBOMB brand has several different presses available depending on what you are looking for. There’s the ROSINBOMB M-50, the ROSINBOMB M-60 which was just released and new to the family, the Limited Edition Mirror Finish ROSINBOMB ROCKET, and the ROSINBOMB ROCKET. There are also many accessories to help you pull the best out of your cannabis like the ROSINBOMB BOMBLOADER and the ROSINBOMB MAVSTIX which is like a tweezer! My favorite out of all of them is the ROSINBOMB M-60 because I like the strongest one that can apply 6,000 pounds of pressure to your flowers!

    To have the convenience of pressing your own flowers at home and sharing it with my friends is the best. It’s so easy to use and looks really clean because of the design. I leave it in my kitchen next to the coffee maker so I can make coffee and dabs for my friends for breakfast! It’s also a great conversation piece for me because it’s such a good looking thoughtfully designed, sexy piece!

    I suggest everyone who loves to vape or dab to buy one of these. It’s a money saver and a lifesaver! On their website, they also have financing options so everyone can get one! To learn more about one of my favorite presses – the ROSINBOMB check out their website at and follow them on Instagram at @rosinbomb2.0.

    It’s so easy even a stoner can use it!

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