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    Roll The Perfect Joint

    There are a bunch of different ways on how to roll the perfect joint and the most obvious method is using a rolling machine; there are a few different ones ranging from automatic to a hand rolling machine, but they all have the same outcome. Some people truly just can’t roll a joint which is okay because the machine can help them and it’s not their fault that their hands don’t understand. When it comes down to rolling, it really depends on the person because everyone eventually develops their own style of rolling their perfect joint.


    Before anything, get everything you need ready. Grind up your weed well, roll up a filter, and get your paper. Your filter can either be bought or made out of anything like the inside of a cigarette pack, business cards, thick flyers, and so on. As for the paper, it really depends on how long or short you want your joint to be, but a lot of people prefer long papers over the small ones. You could either use Raw, Smoking Black, ZigZag, or anything you prefer. Get a tray or a book (just a flat surface) and put it under you just in case you drop any weed. Now you’re ready to roll.

    The most common way of rolling is the old fashioned way; with your hands. It’s much easier than it seems, but it might take some more practice for some people.


    Start off by holding your openly folded paper with the sticky side facing you; if you’re a righty then hold the paper in your left hand and roll with the right, or if you’re a lefty then vice versa. Fill up the paper with some weed on the left side of the paper and leave some room at the end of the paper for the filter.

    Place the filter in the empty spot and fold the paper with the weed in it; with both hands start pinching and molding the weed into a cigarette-like form and slowly pushing the weed to the bottom of the paper. Once your weed is at the bottom of the paper and looks like a skinny tube, it’s time for the hard part which is tucking the paper in.

    Wrap the non-sticky part of the paper around the filter and with your right thumb, roll the filter upwards as tightly as you can without damaging the paper. Straighten out the other end of the paper with your left hand. When you get to the top of rolling, just lick the sticky part, and roll it shut.

    Grab a pen or pencil and pack in the weed from the top, but not so harshly that you ruin the joint you just rolled. Then tap the joint a few times on the table to get all the grinded bits to settle. Twist the top of the paper and just like that, you have a beautifully rolled joint.

    If that didn’t work, then you could try out the cone method. There are two ways to this method, you could either buy pre-rolled cone papers with attached filters, then all you do is grind the weed and basically fill it up; it’s a no more than 5-minute roll. Or you can do everything just like you would when rolling a normal joint, except roll it at an angle so the tip of the paper has a wider open. Then pack in the weed from the top with a pen and its perfect joint.

    Nobody ever gets the perfect joint on the first time, and luckily enough there are machines that help people that simply love smoking joints but hate rolling them. It takes practice and time, but what a fun practice to try out.


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