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    Ready to Rethink the Ziplock Bag? 

    Meet Tulip, the new way to store your stash. 

    When it comes to storage, functionality, aesthetics, and safety are equally important. You want your storage solution to keep your goods fresh and secure, but you also want it to look good and fit your personal style. That’s where Tulip comes in.

    Founded by a Woodstock attendee and his daughter-in-law, Tulip has a series of products that are delightfully discreet, odor-free, and beautiful enough to display.  The brand offers a range of great-looking, odor-controlling, lockable storage solutions that are also perfect for parents who need extra safety measures to protect their children from accessing.

    “We set out to create thoughtful storage solutions that you are proud to use and display.  Plus, as a Mom, it’s important to keep it locked” says Stephanie Kimel, co-Founder of Tulip. “With the rise of legal dispensaries, it was important to us that consumers have a brand they can trust for at-home stash storage.” 

    Traditional storage solutions don’t do much to control odor. Tulip’s storage solutions are designed with odor control in mind, so the good smells stay in and you can store your goods without worrying about any unwanted aromas.

    With this, ziplock bags, shoe boxes, and other makeshift storage containers are not keeping flower fresh. Tulip’s airtight jars also come with humidity packs to help with preservation of goods. 

    But Tulip’s products aren’t just functional – they’re also stylish. The brand offers a range of different designs, so you can choose the storage solution that best fits your personal style. From sleek and modern to rustic and charming, there’s a stylish stash box for everyone.

    Here are just a few of the reasons why Tulip is the perfect choice for your storage needs, especially if you’re a parent who needs extra safety measures:

    1. Odor control: Tulip’s airtight storage solutions are designed to keep your goods fresh and control ambient odor.
    2. Style: With a range of different designs to choose from, Tulip has the perfect storage solution for every style.
    3. Security: Tulip’s lockable stash box is designed to keep your goods secure. 
    4. Functionality: Tulip’s modular storage solutions are designed to help you better organize and utilize your space.

    The company also has a social good component, donating 1% of revenue to the Last Prisoners Project.  All in all, we are proud to support Tulip and can’t wait to see where they take the line from here.


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