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Baking The Perfect Weed Brownie

Today’s weed brownies are not like those of the distant past where you’d struggle to [...]

How To Extend The Life Of Your Roaches

You’ve reached the end of the line with your blunt or joint and all that’s [...]

Getting High On A Budget

You love getting stoned, but lately, you’re finding yourself a little pressed for cash. Fear [...]

Crafting The Ultimate Grow Room

If you live in a state where weed is legal, growing cannabis is something you [...]

How To Grow Plump Nugs

Do you find yourself constantly searching for big buds? Is your store bought flower not [...]

The New York Weed Situation Explained

Live from New York, weed is now legal! But before you start smoking that celebratory [...]

How To Have A Magical Trip

Getting high on psychedelics can be much more than cool colors and funny visuals. It [...]

How To 420 Like A Champ

Once a year, cannabis enthusiasts across the globe join together expressing their love for the [...]

Weed That Hits Like MDMA

Now before you get too excited, know that nothing hits like MDMA quite like, well, [...]

What Is Weed College And How Can I Apply?

Many weed derivatives have grown in popularity because of the cannabis industry boom, so it [...]

What You Can Expect As A First Time Dabber

So you’re curious about dabbing but have yet to pull the trigger. What will the [...]

Take A Summer Trip Through These 5 Stoner Communities

Ah, the sweet sounds, sights and smells of summer are once again upon us, and [...]

The Chubby Gorilla Difference And Why It Matters

If you’ve never given too much thought about the packaging materials you use and you’re [...]

Microdosing 101: Cannabis

While the term “microdosing” is most commonly associated with psychedelics such as magic mushrooms (psilocybin) [...]

California’s Psychedelics Bill Explained

Are you confused by the latest information pertaining to California’s potentially new law surrounding the [...]

Weed Coffee Unleashed

Yes, you read that correctly. Weed coffee is a real thing and it’s about to [...]

710 Gift Guide

July 10 has become the holiday for all things “dabs” and vapable because shorthand for [...]

420 Gift Guide

Shopping for a stoner? We've included a lil' bit of everything below. Look no further [...]

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

This Valentine’s Day is a golden opportunity to puff, puff and pass with the one [...]

Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re celebrating the holidays at the end of the month, you only have a [...]


Black Friday is a perfect time to stock up on deals from your favorite brands. Check [...]


I use it often because it is convenient to carry around anywhere because of it’s [...]

The Highrise Bong

This bong is meant for yourself and for sharing. You start off by filling the [...]

Linx Eden Convection Vaporizer

We are looking at a new vape pen that vapes your buds to perfection! You [...]

True OG

ABOUT The term “OG” has generated some confusion in cannabis genetics -- while many assume [...]

The White

ABOUT The White is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. Also referred to as Triangle [...]


ABOUT An original “landrace” strain native to the mountains of Afghanistan, Afghani is a pure [...]

OG Kush

ABOUT OG Kush is a legendary strain with a name that has recognition even outside [...]

Maui Wowie

ABOUT Maui Wowie, sometimes called Maui Waui, is a mostly Sativa hybrid that was considered [...]

Moby Dick

ABOUT Moby Dick is a potent sativa marijuana strain made by crossing White Widow with [...]

9 Pound Hammer

ABOUT 9 Pound Hammer is a heavy-hitting indica with a patchwork genetic background. It is [...]

Lemon Jack

ABOUT Smelling like candy and offering amazing sativa benefits, Lemon Jack is a hybrid crafted [...]

Five Canna-dishes For The Holidays

The holidays are a time for reflection, relaxation, family and loved ones. For some, it’s [...]

Cannabis Poutine Fries

Ingredients: 7 Potatoes 1.5 Tablespoons CannaOil 1 Clove Garlic (minced) 1 Shallot (minced) 2 Cups [...]

Cannabis Infused Pancakes

Ingredients: 1.5 Cups All-Purpose Flour 3.5 Teaspoons Baking Powder 1 Teaspoon Salt 3 Tablespoons CannaButter [...]

Cannabis Chicken Tacos

Ingredients: 1 lb Skinless Chicken Breast 1 Tablespoon Lime Juice 2 Tablespoons CannaOil 2 Cloves [...]

Vanilla Cannabis Milkshake

Ingredients: 2 cups Whipping Cream 14 oz or 1 can Condensed Milk ½ teaspoon Vanilla [...]

THC Infused Tabbouleh

Ingredients: 4-5 Parsley Bunches 3 Tomatoes ½ Onion ¾ Cup Cracked Wheat – Bulgur Lemon [...]

Cannabis Pizza

Ingredients for CannaSauce 1 Cup Water 1 Can Tomato Paste (6 oz) ½ Cup CannaOil [...]



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