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    Roll The Perfect Joint

    There are a bunch of different ways on how to roll the perfect joint and [...]

    First Time With Edibles: How To Choose Your Dose

    So you want to try edibles, huh? Sounds easy enough. Just choose how you want [...]


    There’s no surprise that portable concentrate vaporizers are the hottest accessory for novice and experienced [...]

    Easiest Edibles To Make At Home

    Sometimes, the best eats are the ones you cook yourself. Whatever your reason is for [...]

    How To Have A Magical Trip

    Getting high on psychedelics can be much more than cool colors and funny visuals. It [...]

    5 Fun Uses For Shake

    You’ve rolled a bunch of joints, packed a bunch of bowls and bongs, and have [...]

    Baking The Perfect Weed Brownie

    Today’s weed brownies are not like those of the distant past where you’d struggle to [...]

    How To Extend The Life Of Your Roaches

    You’ve reached the end of the line with your blunt or joint and all that’s [...]

    How CannaAid is Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry

    The cannabis industry in the US is thriving. Thousands upon thousands of cannabis companies continue [...]

    Can You Travel With HHC?

    If you have a trip coming up and you’re considering bringing some HHC products with [...]

    CCELL, The Tech Behind Your Favorite Vapes

    Chances are, you’ve seen the CCELL logo somewhere before, but aren’t quite sure when, where, [...]

    Modern Solutions for Keeping Your Weed Fresh and Out of Sight 

    Whether you are a veteran grower, occasional smoker, or seasoned cannabis enthusiast,  chances are you [...]

    The Kind Pen – Helping Smokers Taste the World in a New Way

    The Kind Pen is a NYJ based vaporizer company that offers a variety of different vape [...]

    Ride on Cloud-Nine with CBD and THC Infused Spectrum+ Gummies 

    Considering the variety of benefits offered by CBD, it comes as no surprise why its [...]

    Bear Quartz: The Worlds #1 Premium Outsourced Quartz

    Bears symbolize great strength and power. They can also conjure images of beehives and dripping [...]

    How Long Does HHC Stay in Your System?

    As the cannabis industry continues to add new alternatives to standard delta-9 THC, a new, [...]

    420 GIFT GUIDE

    This 420 treat yourself, a friend, or a loved one to some of the best [...]

    Holiday Gift Guide

    As 2021 is coming to an end, we wanted to help you with some of [...]

    Black Friday Gift Guide

    In 2021, every cannabis-lover on your shopping list deserves the best this holiday season. But [...]

    Top 10 Unique Bongs of 2022

    Staying on top of the hottest trends that are being set in the bong world [...]

    Despite Legalization, Majority of Consumers Still Don’t Have Access

    By Eric Robichaud CEO, and Vincent Bitetti CCO at Green Goddess Supply  What’s that sound? [...]

    Where to Find the Best CBD Hemp Flower?

    International CBD brand Black Tie CBD is now offering consumers a chance to try a [...]

    Labor Day Gift Guide

    Labor Day makes a perfect day to reward your hard working employees with holidays and [...]

    710 Gift Guide

    July 10 has become the holiday for all things “dabs” and vapable because shorthand for [...]

    True OG

    ABOUT The term “OG” has generated some confusion in cannabis genetics -- while many assume [...]

    The White

    ABOUT The White is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. Also referred to as Triangle [...]


    ABOUT An original “landrace” strain native to the mountains of Afghanistan, Afghani is a pure [...]

    OG Kush

    ABOUT OG Kush is a legendary strain with a name that has recognition even outside [...]

    Maui Wowie

    ABOUT Maui Wowie, sometimes called Maui Waui, is a mostly Sativa hybrid that was considered [...]

    Moby Dick

    ABOUT Moby Dick is a potent sativa marijuana strain made by crossing White Widow with [...]

    9 Pound Hammer

    ABOUT 9 Pound Hammer is a heavy-hitting indica with a patchwork genetic background. It is [...]

    Lemon Jack

    ABOUT Smelling like candy and offering amazing sativa benefits, Lemon Jack is a hybrid crafted [...]

    Cannabis Infused Pancakes

    Cannabis infused pancakes will make your mornings highly delicious!  The fluffy, soft pancakes are delicious [...]

    Five Canna-dishes For The Holidays

    The holidays are a time for reflection, relaxation, family and loved ones. For some, it’s [...]

    Cannabis Poutine Fries

    Ingredients: 7 Potatoes 1.5 Tablespoons CannaOil 1 Clove Garlic (minced) 1 Shallot (minced) 2 Cups [...]

    Cannabis Chicken Tacos

    Ingredients: 1 lb Skinless Chicken Breast 1 Tablespoon Lime Juice 2 Tablespoons CannaOil 2 Cloves [...]

    Vanilla Cannabis Milkshake

    Ingredients: 2 cups Whipping Cream 14 oz or 1 can Condensed Milk ½ teaspoon Vanilla [...]

    THC Infused Tabbouleh

    Ingredients: 4-5 Parsley Bunches 3 Tomatoes ½ Onion ¾ Cup Cracked Wheat – Bulgur Lemon [...]

    Cannabis Pizza

    Ingredients for CannaSauce 1 Cup Water 1 Can Tomato Paste (6 oz) ½ Cup CannaOil [...]



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