Stone Road Bubble Hash Pre Roll

Stone Road follows a higher standard. Their cannabis is grown in picturesque sunny California settings, under strict organic cultivation techniques, free of contaminants like synthetics and pesticides. The small family-owned farms Stone Road works with all have rich stories, and have been growing cannabis for decades. They find the best growers first, to ensure a consistent and premium experience with every joint they roll up. They use 100% flower with no trim or shake the dispensary joints are notorious for.

True artisans in the space, the innovative people over at Stone Road also deeply care about the presentation. The joints are hand rolled in all-natural unbleached plant cellulose paper manufactured in France. Yes, they went all the way to France to find the best pre-roll paper. The joints are also saliva free! Instead they seal them using an organic gum form an Acacia tree. Even the filter tips are branded with FDA approved food coloring. Just another example of how Stone Road focus on the details to elevate the experience. The packaging is award-worthy and designed by some of the industry’s bet designers.  The unique slide to open carton makes a statement and has plenty of talk value.  Slip one in your bag, purse, or pocket and you’re ready to go and blow.

Another unique way this brand is approaching marketing is with their rewards app. When you purchase a Stone Road product you get points you can redeem by downloading and using their app. They have went out of their way to find rewards for everyone. Stuff like tickets to a sold-out concert, surf lessons, trips to New York City, and more.

If you’re looking for premium, transparently sourced cannabis, rolled up by artisans, and presented in a designer, elevated package – all roads lead to Stone Road.








Stone Road

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