Full Spectrum CBD Gel Tabs


Enjoyable Vegan CBD Gel Tabs are your perfect daily supplement to ensure a great day. These little jelly-like-tablets allow for you to bite into them, causing a minty burst of CBD that is able to be ingested sublingually (under the tongue, the most effective way to take medicine) or swallowed for a slow release of CBD through your blood. Made with Vegan gel capsules and Full Spectrum Imperial Oil, these gel tabs guarantee an accurate and precise dose every time!





Enjoyable CBD is a sister company to Enjoyable Edibles, which has been a major edible company since 2010. Providing the absolute best products to consumers nationwide, Enjoyable prides itself on being the safest, pure and most affordable brand on the marketplace. All products are third party tested to ensure that there is absolutely no THC in our products, so youll never have to worry about failing a drug test. Tested for Pesticides so you never have to worry about having a dirty product that will make you sick. Lastly and most importantly, tested for purity of the product itself. Our lab testing will show that we dont lie about the mg stated on the package like many other companies out there.

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