Cartridges by 4SCORE™

Not only do we offer batteries, but we also offer the cartridges to use with them! 4Score has 1 gram cartridges made with premium THC distillate. We offer Gelato cake, Grape Zkittles, Sour Pebbles and Strawberry Cough, so there is definitely a flavor for you.

Gelato Cake is a potent, heavy-hitting Indica-leaning Hybrid strain made from the cross between the popular strains Wedding Cake and Gelato, which imparts mostly sour and tangy notes with a sweet hint of fruity, berry-like creaminess.

Grape Zkittles is an Indica-dominant strain that boasts a strong aroma of sugary grape candy and grapefruit, which translates smoothly into its delicious, sugary flavor that is reminiscent of ripe grapes.

Sour Pebbles is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid crossed between Fruity Pebble OG and Alien Diesel. Its aroma is sour with fruity hints of berry. Although its flavor is primarily sour, it carries additional notes of candy and gasoline.

Strawberry Cough is a Sativa dominant strain that is easily identifiable by its popular candy-like sweet, strawberry smell and subtle after taste, which is described as sugary, earthy, and spicy.


As self-identifying connoisseurs, the team at 4SCORE is driven to provide and maintain a truly premium experience. As consumers ourselves, we fully understand the needs of our clients. The 4SCORE brand was developed to bring technology and excellent customer service seamlessly together, all while integrating the utmost honesty and integrity as a standard business practice.

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