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    Revolutionary Technology Meets Timeless Wellness

    E1011 Labs strives to bring you the next generation of self-care and personal wellness with innovative design and thoughtfully crafted formulations.

    It is on a mission to make people feel sublime by bringing together ancient holistic traditions with modern innovations. E1011 Labs combines the latest tech advancements with top quality ingredients. Using cutting edge low-temperature concentric heating technology and the ancestral benefits of premium sustainably-grown hemp, E1011 Labs creates products that are elegantly easy for the first-time user yet effective and efficient for the everyday connoisseur.

    Unlock the power of nature

    Premium CBD Flower paired with the right terpenes.


    Each Stem™ is crafted with a proprietary blend of premium CBD flower designed for overall wellness, focus, and rest. Stringent dual lab testing ensures that we only include safe, pure, potent ingredients.


    Not only do we source from farmers committed to sustainability, we do all we can to ensure that everything leaving our facility is as sustainable as possible - from recycled paper packaging to biodegradable cartridge shells.

    Why E1011 Labs?

    • Integrity

      We use the industry's highest standards from seed to store. With dual lab-testing procedures and stringent quality control, we guarantee our ingredients are consistently clean and pure.

    • Innovation

      We bridge the gap between ancient holistic traditions and modern innovations with our state-of-the-art device and carefully crafted formulation.

    • Sustainability

      From the field to the facility, we take sustainability seriously. Our farmers are committed to sustainable, best-in-class growing practices, and every aspect of our facility has sustainability in mind.

    Angela Mazzanti x E1011 Labs


    From E1011 Labs

    What is in a Stem?

    Stems are packed with 100% sun-grown hemp flowers that contain a high percentage of CBD.

    The hemp flower in Stem is pulverized to increase the surface area for cannabinoid activation and create optimal airflow.

    Additionally, our process involves a specific technique utilizing low temperature curing methodologies to maximize cannabinoids and preserve essential terpenes while enabling dehydration for reduced risk of mold and bacteria growth.

    This ensures that the hemp undergoes the most natural processes to stay true to its native form while replicating the experience of combustion.

    Are your CBD hemp flowers synthetic?

    No. The CBD hemp flowers within Stem are grown in the United States by licensed hemp growers.

    Do Stems contain THC?

    Stems contain CBD hemp flowers that have been tested to contain less than 0.3% total THC (the federal limit for hemp classification of Cannabis Sativa L.). Stems will never contain flowers with more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis.

    What are your test requirements for the CBD hemp flowers in Stem> f

    Our Stems are tested by Independent third-party licensed labs. We test for potency, terpenes, pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. Our rigorous testing standards ensure the quality of our blends.

    What is the precentage of CBD in Stem?

    The percentage of CBD in Stem varies by product batches. To find the percentage of CBD in your Stem please scan the QR code on your Stem packaging or manually enter the batch number on our Lab Results page. Test results will be kept on the E1011 website for three years

    Will Stem intoxicate me?

    The effects of Stems vary on an individual basis. Please consult your physicians before use.

    If Stems are past their best by date should I not use them?

    Not exactly. If your Stem is past our recommended consumption date, but still maintains good sensory and quality characteristics, you may choose to continue usage. However, if there are any signs of degradation it is best to dispose of the Stem. E1011 Labs does not guarantee the quality or user experience when using products past their Best By date

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