The Press Club’s mission is focused on making the best premium rosin bags and accessories in the industry at a reasonable price. We can’t expect to push this industry forward if people don’t have access to affordable rosin bags. Period.

The Press Club How To Pack Rosin Bags



From Verified Buyers

Jeremy M

Verrified Buyer

Top Notch Filter Bags

These bags are top blowouts, bags are pre-flipped and the stitching is high quality. Don't waste time and $$ trying others and being dissapointed, just grab a bag of PressClub filters; you will be glad you did!

Rach W.

Verrified Buyer

perfect size for non commercial!

Perfect size for me as im a small grower, but still easy to load!!!

Isaac J.

Verrified Buyer

Best bags in the game

Ive tried almost every rosin bag out there. Press Club is by far the most consistent and has the best customer service. If you love rosin, youll love the press club!