The Press Club’s mission is focused on making the best premium rosin bags and accessories in the industry at a reasonable price. We can’t expect to push this industry forward if people don’t have access to affordable rosin bags. Period.

The Press Club How To Use 3 x 5 Pre Press Mold



From Verified Buyers

Hayden G.

Verrified Buyer

Top Quality Aluminum

Purchased another pre-press mold from another company and the aluminum bent after a few uses. No issues with this one so far. Will update this review if it ever does.

Francis D.

Verrified Buyer

Worth the money

Yields easily jumped 5-10% after I started using a mold. Pays for itself.

Anika O.

Verrified Buyer

price and quality yes!

I was so excited to receive my pre press today and Press Club did not disappoint! Great product and quality customer service was quick to answer questions too, which is a huge plus for me. Thanks Press Club!