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    Grobo empowers people to take control of their health by using technology to make it easier to grow their own safe, fresh, and high quality plants indoors.

    Why Grobo?

    • Up to 3oz every 4 months

      Our team of engineers and master growers have spent countless hours studying the growth cycles and optimal conditions for your plant. No more guessing some breathing room. No more guessing how much water, light or nutrients they need, you just get the highest quality yields.

    • Just add your favourite seed

      The Grobo Premium comes with everything you need to start growing right away. The free Grow Kit includes Bottles 1 and 2 for adjusting pH, and Bottles 3,4, and 5 for feeding your plant. It also includes our Smell Reducing Carbon Filter and a Coco Pod for your seed to grow in. Just add your favourite seed and start growing!

    • Stop buying overpriced product

      No need to pay a premium buying retail, grow up to 3oz of high quality yields

    • Save money!

      The whole system pays for itself in an average of 18 months or less!

    Grobo - Fully Automated Grow Box


    From Grobo

    What is Grobo?

    Grobo is the first automated home growing system. In it, you can easily grow all types of cannabis, bringing a garden into any living situation.

    We currently have two models available. The Grobo Solid and Grobo Premium.

    The Grobo Solid can be viewed HERE. It costs $1,999.00 USD + Free Shipping.
    The Grobo Premium can be viewed HERE. It costs $2,299.00 USD + Free Shipping.

    How does it work?

    Simply plant your seed or clone, choose a grow recipe, and Grobo will take care of the rest (i.e. Nutrient dosing, pH and EC reading, air circulation, light schedule).

    As you grow, the Grobo will send care for your plant 24/7, as well as important tips and tricks on how to improve your yield and care for your plant to your email. No green thumb required!

    What's different between the Premium and Solid?

    The difference between the Solid and Premium units is the door.

    The Premium has a fluid glass window that allows you to frost it over or make it clear to see your plant inside without having to open the door. Great to keep smells in and bugs out!
    The Solid is designed for stealth with an opaque door. It is our most affordable system.

    What do I need to do while my plant is growing?

    The main task you must perform is the weekly water change (i.e. A "drain and fill").

    Every week, when it's time, the Grobo will notify you to change the water.
    This process normally takes ~5-10 minutes to complete. You can do so by going to the Maintenance menu in the Grobo app.
    Then, your Grobo will dose the plant's meal 2-3 minutes after the drain and fill is done.
    As your plant grows, your Grobo will also teach you plant training techniques, when to do them, and how they optimize your grow for the best results.

    What tools and supplies do I need to get started?

    So, you've decided that Grobo is right for you. What's next?

    Good news: Your Grobo will ship with everything you need to start your first grow. That includes the grow box itself, enough nutrients for one grow, a coco pod, and a carbon filter. It does NOT come with any seeds or cuttings. Please make sure to get your own before your Grobo arrives.

    As you grow, you might find that additional tools are helpful. We recommend the following items:


    1x Pruning Shears* - Critical for giving your plant a few haircuts as it grows.
    1x Microscope* - Get up close and personal with trichomes to know when to harvest.
    1x Drying Rack Set* - Allows you to easily hang your buds in the Grobo once your grow is complete so they can dry.
    *All of these items are included in the Pro Grow Kit, along with a spare Grow Kit so that you can start your next grow immediately.


    1x Digital Scale - Don't just guess how big your yields are. Know for sure!
    1x Magnetic Tool Storage Box - Keep all your tools nicely organized on the side or back of your Grobo for easy access.
    1x Hydroguard - To help fend off root rot. It's the most useful when applied in Germination or Early Vegetation stages. Please be advised though, this can be on the pricier side.

    What's the size and weight of a Grobo?

    The unit (without water) weighs approximately 90 lbs. (45 kg) and its dimensions are 14" x 14" x 48." If you're looking for the size of the growing chamber, it is 14" x 12" x 32".

    Does any smell leak out of Grobo?

    If you have a living situation where you cannot have any scent escape the unit, please be advised that the Grobo is not 100% scent free.

    Smell is often a concern when growing cannabis. That is why Grobo's smell reducing Carbon Filter is here to help! Our custom filter uses two layers of activated carbon to help filter the air before it leaves your Grobo. The smell becomes strongest towards the end of each grow, as the plant's flowers begin to bloom. So, if you open your door often during this stage, smell will be emitted.

    We recommend changing your filters after each grow and keeping your Grobo's door closed as often as you can for the best results. You can purchase Carbon Filters on our store, HERE.

    How much does the system cost to maintain?

    On average, a Grobo costs approximately $15 USD a month to operate and maintain.

    The two costs associated with maintaining your Grobo are:

    Energy (LED lighting): Approximately $5 per month on average (depending where you live, this can be susceptible to change)
    Nutrients: Approximately $10 per month
    Therefore, the total cost is approximately $15 per month, which would be approximately $180 per year.

    Does the Grobo come with a warranty?

    Your Grobo comes with a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

    This means our units are warrantied against manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year from the original date of delivery of the unit to you. Two and three-year extended warranties are also available for purchase at checkout, and can be purchased for a unit up to 30-days after it's been activated. If you purchase an extended warranty, the total will be this amount, not added to the one-year warranty already applied to all units.

    Replaced or repaired units will be warrantied for the remainder of the original warranty period, or, thirty (30) days from the date of delivery of the replaced or repaired unit to you, whichever is longer. Please note that this warranty only applies to orders placed on our website HERE to the original purchaser. They do NOT apply to units purchased second-hand.

    What temperature should my Grobo's room be?

    Our rule of thumb is: If you're hot, your plant is hot. If you're cold, your plant is cold.

    So, if the room your Grobo is located has an average temperature that's comfortable for you (i.e. 70-73 degrees Fahrenheit, or, 21-23 degrees Celsius), your plant will be setup for success.

    It's important to mention that there are actually TWO temperatures to care about:

    The temperature of the room your Grobo is located in.
    The temperature of your Grobo's reservoir (i.e. water in the tank)
    With a cooler reservoir (i.e. 68-69 degrees Fahrenheit, or, 20-21 degrees Celsius) your plant's roots will have the best environment to grow in without the possibility of "root rot" forming. You can read more about this phenomenon HERE.

    How many plants can you grow in a Grobo?

    The Grobo Premium and the Grobo Solid are optimized to grow one plant at a time.

    You can expect to harvest 1-3oz per grow from that plant, which will increase overtime as you get more comfortable in our system and with growing.

    Can I grow from a clone or cutting?

    Absolutely! When you select any grow recipe in your Grobo, it will ask if you're starting from a seed or a clone.

    Although clones will grow slightly faster, since you already have a head start, we recommend using seeds in the Grobo. When growing from seed, the system is able to keep the node spacing tighter, boosting your yield each grow. That is why we recommend using a seed instead of a clone.

    Does Grobo sell seeds?

    Grobo does not sell seeds of any kind.

    You can find cannabis seeds through ILGM, True North Seed Bank, or I Love Growing Marijuana, and many other online and in-store locations.
    Not sure which plant to pick? Check out our Seed Selection Guide by clicking HERE.

    I’m going away - Will my Grobo be okay?

    Your Grobo will be OK for 7 days unattended, but for any longer periods of time you'll need someone present to drain and fill as well as 'top up' the reservoir, if necessary.

    What we mean by 'top up' is that, when your plant is in a late growth stage (i.e. Transition or Flower), it requires 1-2 cups of water to be added to the reservoir to maintain an effective water level.
    The weekly reservoir changes are needed to ‘flush’ the system, allowing for nutrients to be dispensed.
    If the water level gets below the recommended level, the roots won’t be able to drink and there is a possibility of running into problems with your pH meter. Click HERE to learn about these problems.


    From Verified Buyers

    Tim R.

    Verrified Buyer

    Always there to help!

    The Grobo team was always there to help We were beta testers for Grobo and have loved it! The app is intuitive to use and it really took very little work to enjoy a great harvest. As an added benefit the Grobo team was able to access our unit and help when we did have a question at the beginning.

    Drew W.

    Verrified Buyer

    So So Happy!

    I am absolutely thrilled with these coco pods! Prior to my Grobo experience, I had only used rapidrooter plugs or rockwool cubes for germination/seedlings, and I am grateful that I have been exposed to these coco pods through using my Grobo so that I can use these in the future as a replacement. The coco pod is an ideal medium and I love how well it retains water and supports the seedling.

    Kevin C.

    Verrified Buyer

    Ready to see my product!

    I've had fun last 3 months. Can't wait for the final product. Definitely an auto flower. I can not wait to try what I grew!

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