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Instructions for the CURVE

If you are using the CURVE be sure that you screw the magnetic ring found in your CURVE box to your cartridge before attaching the cartridge to the battery.


Inside the CURVE box you will find:

  • CURVE battery
  • USB charger
  • 2 magnetic rings
  • Instruction card


In order to turn your CURVE on/off simply click the button 5 times.  Your battery light will blink blue five times indicating that it is now turned on/off.


Attach your 510 threaded cartridge to one of the magnetic rings (included in CURVE box). Screw the magnetic ring to the threaded part of your cartridge.  Slide the cartridge with the magnetic end down the center of the CURVE – the magnetic ring will quickly snap into place.


The CURVE has three separate voltage settings.  To change the voltage, click the button three times. You will see the LED on the top blink.  Each color represents the following voltages: Green 3.3V, Blue 3.6V, and Red 3.9V.
To inhale you have two options, the first is to simply draw from the CURVE without pressing the button, this is the auto draw feature.  If you prefer to be in full control, simply press and hold the button the entire time that you draw on the CURVE.


Your CURVE comes with a USB charger.  To charge, connect your charger to the CURVE by plugging it into the bottom (only one end will properly fit) of the CURVE.  Plug your charger into a USB compatible charging block such as a computer, phone charger, or other device.
TIP:  Different charging blocks charge differently.  Some charging blocks work better than others.  If your CURVE is not charging properly, try using a different charging block.

Why 4Score?

  • Discrete

    Shipping is discrete - just like our products.

  • Twist Control

    Take control with adjustable voltage twist function.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Please visit our warranty page to find out how we stand behind all of our products.

The 4SCORE Curve


From Verified Buyers

Till K.

Verrified Buyer

Green door alternative

Got this from their dispo as a recommendation from a bud tender and love it even more than my old lokee

Elliah R.

Verrified Buyer

My new favorite toy

I have been vaping for a long time. This is offically my favorite machinge!

Yoel L.

Verrified Buyer

I cant put mine down

I used to smoke all joints, but now I cant stop using the Curve. Its so easy to pack and hit all day. No more joints for me thank you 4Score!