Cali Kosher is a fully licensed, vertically integrated, and certified kosher cannabis company, founded in 2018 and based out of Patterson, right in the heart of California’s Central Valley. We are not only locally based, but born and raised in the Central Valley of California. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the cannabis industry, from seed to sale.

We grow and process all of our cannabis to meet not only Kosher requirements, but also EnvirOganic requirements, as well as our own high standards of excellence. We oversee every step of the process to maintain kosher quality, competitive pricing, and customer relations.


Light Deprivation Cultivation (or Light Dep for short) is a popular cannabis cultivation technique that can be used to force cannabis plants to flower much sooner than they naturally would. Light Dep Cultivation is accomplished by simulating a 12-hour light and a 12-hour dark period, often using a greenhouse and shade cloth strategically placed at the proper time. Cannabis plants normally begin to flower at a particular time of year, and this process essentially tricks cannabis plants into entering their flowering state at a desired time instead of needing to wait for the right date. This results in the ability to have multiple harvests per year, rather than just one!


For a product to be considered Kosher, it must meet the standards set forth by the Jewish faith. These include the absence of non-kosher substances and additives (such as alcohol, caffeine, etc) on the premises and in the manufacturing and processing stages. Our farm is regularly visited and inspected at random by a rabbi, who ensures that our growing and manufacturing processes and the farm premises meet the necessary Kosher standards.



An EnvirOganic Certification means that our farm meets the highest standards set forth by Envriocann, an independent certification group that certifies cannabis farms for both farming and management best practices. Their EnvriOganic Certification means that CaliKosher meets the standards for local & state laws, pesticide testing, and the use of organic and regenerative farming methods. For more information, click HERE.

Why Cali Kosher

  • Certified kosher cannabis

    Grown in the heart of California


    We handle every step of the Cannabis process. All of our plants start in our nursery and are transplanted to our flowering greenhouses. Once harvested, we properly store and dry our flower, hand trim each nug, and then package the flower or send it to our manufacturing lab to create our own solvent and solventless products.


    We are committed to organic farming and take pride in using live soil to produce the best possible environment for our cannabis crops, resulting in a superior terpene profile. We are also EnvirOganic Certified, which means our farm passes regular testing by EnviroCann and maintains the standards they require.


    We comply with a strict policy of kosher laws that include some of the highest standards of purity and quality. We take great care to ensure that every operation in our farm follows these standards as one of the only Kosher Cannabis farms in the United States. Our farm is regularly inspected and certified by a Rabbi.


From the smokers

Jarrod D.

Verrified Buyer

El Fuego 🔥

I took ✌️ bowloh hits from the bubbler and I was like; Oh yeah, this is good bud, the taste is there, minty piney and still fresh pkg 8/6. Definitely worth its price

Barry R.

Verrified Buyer

Love this strain

It was gorgeous with purple notes I found myself creating a lot of art while consuming this product so definitely on the creative side and relaxing.

Larry D.

Verrified Buyer


I had good luck with all of the Cali Kosher strands I tried. Always been well worth the price.