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    Premium Yet Affordable THC-Infused Gummies by Kind Oasis

    Kind Oasis provides premium yet affordable THC-infused gummies for a variety of daily relief
    solutions. Their best-selling gummies include: 50mg Delta 8, 20mg Delta 9, and Goodnight

    Find your balance of clarity and calm with Kind Oasis handcrafted gummies. Using only premium
    hemp-derived extracts sourced from local and reputable partners, these deliciously fruity gummies
    are guaranteed to make you feel good so you can enjoy your best self every day.
    Formulated by tenured professionals in cannabis and food production, Kind Oasis gummies are
    intended to benefit you on a bio-individual level. Whether you are seeking to alleviate
    inflammation, stress, anxiety, or exploring natural ways to improve sleep and maintain happy as
    your baseline, Kind Oasis gummies are an effective solution that you can trust.

    All gummies offer a clean ingredient list with an abundantly delicious and unmatched taste. Their
    proprietary formula is 100% vegan, gluten free, and continuously lab tested to ensure you get the
    experience promised on the package.

    “All of our gummies are infused, never sprayed, and made with natural colors and flavors. Plus, each batch is hand-crafted for strict quality control and packed into BPA-free containers.” says Ryan Hanaman, Brand Manager for Kind Oasis.

    In addition to gummies the company features an array of products from topicals to tinctures to
    solutions for your beloved pets. The company is consumer-focused with fair pricing. They provide
    free shipping on every order, monthly deals, 30% off your first order, and exclusive discounts for
    military and first responders. “Our mission is providing premium yet affordable CBD and TCH
    products to those who need it most,” added Mr. Hanaman.

    Kaitlin H. recently wrote a five-star review on Google, “The products are hand crafted and free of
    any additives or chemicals. They truly have helped me sleep so much better. And the customer
    service is outstanding. This is a wonderful business that I highly recommend.”

    More About Kind Oasis
    Kind Oasis is a family-run business based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that operates a modern CBD
    apothecary that includes an event space and infused-edibles kitchen. The team is led by serial
    entrepreneurs who believe in the healing power of hemp. Beyond its online and retail store, the
    company white labels premium, vegan infused gummies. They are a top-tier private label supplier
    for emerging brands across the country.


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