Pot Topics + Weed Wellness: A Doctor’s Perspective | The Weed Show

The Weed Show is LIVE with your cannabis news headlines from 3/21/17!
Today’s Pot Topics (The Weed Show’s take on trending events):
– New data shows that #SWAT teams aren’t afraid to kill over pot. Plus, we deliver an update on the Emery couple from Canada following their own raid.
– New studies show that patients are resoundingly choosing #medicalcannabis over the #prescriptiondrugs.
– A #church in Alabama is rapidly gaining attention for its loyal faith and following to #cannabis.
– What can you do with those leftover #weed containers? Here’s a few ways to re-purpose your pot plastic.

Plus, it’s Tuesday on The Weed Show and we’re continuing our week of women’s wellness! Today, Charlo shares a sit down interview with Doctor Rachel Knox to share her professional perspective on weed for wellness.

We’re discussing all that and more, and we’d love for you to join the conversation. Your comments may be featured during the show.

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