Pot Topics March 16, 2017 | The Weed Show

The Weed Show is LIVE with your cannabis news headlines from 3/16/17!

Today’s Pot Topics (The Weed Show’s take on trending events):
– New data released from the U.S. Sentencing Commission this week reveals the feds are still arresting more people for #pot than for #heroin. Even Jeff Sessions says weed is only “slightly less awful” than heroin.
– The kids who need access to #medicalcannabis most — and who are led astray by politicians — are being left behind without medicine.
– Good news for the state of New York: approved physician’s assistants will now be able to administer medical marijuana recommendations for patients.
– Our Monthly Book Club, #TokeNotes, is coming up the first week of April. We catch you up on where we’re at in Steve D’Angelo’s#TheCannabisManifesto.

We’re discussing all that and more, and we’d love for you to join the conversation. Your comments may be featured during the show.

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