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    Personal Preference: Vaping Or Buddulars?

    For a while now, vaping has been the new kid in town. Vaping is more discreet than flower, and certainly less noticeable in public. But which is more popular? Here we examine the vaping trend versus traditional bud smoking.

    The High

    While consuming any form of THC-laden cannabis will get you high, there’s mounting evidence and research that points to a more intense high associated with vaping. That’s not to say smoking flower isn’t as effective – we all know how potent a high level THC strain of bud can be – but rather vaping in general has been shown to amplify the effects of being high more so than flower. Again, this is largely determined by how much you’re smoking, what kind of strain you’re puffing, the THC content, and a slew of other factors. So before you start stocking up on vape oils, do your research.


    It should come as no surprise that the two biggest variables impacting the cost of smoking weed are the quantity of weed you’re smoking and the frequency with which you smoke. Regardless if you’re vaping all every day or smoking bud 24/7, you’re going to burn a hole in your pocket. However, there’s a difference between how much you’ll spend depending on what you’re smoking. In general, vaping will last longer and prove to be more cost effective because of the ability to receive a more consistent dose each time you indulge. Because of the increased potency associated with vaping, it generally requires less consumption than flower to achieve similar results. Whereas, the dose you receive from smoking buds is a little less consistent – and at times, less potent – so your ability to stretch the budget for your buds is weaker than with vaping.

    Health Impact

    Vaping is generally considered to be less harmful to your body than smoking nugs but there’s still a lot of research that needs to be done on the subject. It’s important to note though that the recent string of vaping illnesses over the few years were predominantly due to blackmarket vaping products in which the cartridges were contaminated or the oil was cut with harmful additives. So outside of that, vaping appears to be the safer play, especially if you’re buying from a dispensary. With flower, the main health concern is with contaminants – such as pesticides – that have been sprayed atop the buds. Such chemicals are harmful to your lungs. Whether you’re a vape fan or beholden to the buds, stick to making purchases from legalized entities and you should be in the clear.

    The Experience

    Because vaping is so discreet, it’s become an extremely popular way to get high in public. If you’re planning a night on the town, you’re far less likely to draw attention to yourself or be singled out for smoking if you’re vaping. Whereas, the cloud you’ll leave behind from smoking buds is far more noticeable. If flower is your go for going out, consider rolling with a pack of pre-rolls. There’s nothing to twist up, you know exactly how much weed is in each joint, and it’s perfect if you’re with friends because they can each have their own – a healthier alternative to sharing a pen. Whether it’s at home or in private, smoke whatever method you enjoy the most.


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