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    Pairings: Weed & Pizza

    What’s better than being high off your ass and eating pizza? Few things. Very few things. But what could make your faded pizza experience even better? Weed that’s specifically tailored to your taste buds. So next time you’re hankering for some hot cheese, here are some weed and pizza pairings we recommend you consider that will help you get the most out of each slice.

    Head Cheese & Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

    Getting on down on the Chicago Heavy requires a robust appetite, and that’s exactly what you’ll possess after smoking Head Cheese. The Sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross section between UK Cheese and 707 Headband, which helps combat headaches and inflammation, while simultaneously stimulating your appetite and taste buds. If you’re in the mood for a little “extra cheese,” you’ll enjoy the savory taste of Head Cheese while gobbling down that thick, cheesy goodness that’s packing your plate.Chemo & Veggie Pizza

    Like it’s namesake suggests, Chemo is rumored to have been created to combat the side effects of chemotherapy. So as you can imagine, the Indica – also known as UBC Chemo – induces a pretty sleepy calm, while also ramping up your ability to chow down. Given its strength in curbing appetite loss, pair it with a veggie pie. The extra zest you’ll enjoy from a mountain of veggies will not only be something your stomach will thank you for, you’ll also have enough of a craving to make your way through even the most stacked slice. Also, if you happen to overate, Chemo has also been chronicled as helping with nausea, so you won’t have to worry about that last bite of mushrooms and olives putting you over the edge.Purple Kush & Hawaiian Pizza

    An all time stoney favorite is the sweet-savory combo, and what better way to tap into both guilty pleasures than by puffing Purple Kush and munching down on Hawaiian pizza? The pure Indica Purple Kush will relax your body and mind, and its sweet overtones will pair nicely with
    those complementing slices of pineapple and ham. For those of you who can’t take the sweet without the sour, 
    this combination of Purple Kush and Hawaiian will have you instantly blissing on both sides of your tongue.Blackwater & Any Frozen Pizza

    Named after the Doobie Brothers’ song of the same name, Blackwater is a hybrid that possesses more of a citrusy floral flavor with hints and aromas of honey, which will rock with any cheese pizza and any other topping. Blackwater also contains the ability to lay your ass out. Given you’ll be in a melty state of mind while also becoming increasingly ravenous, Blackwater will pair nicely with whatever pizza is in your freezer. You’re not going to want to move, let alone put much effort into getting food and ultimately, you’re not going to care so much as to how the strain compliments your za, just that za is entering your system. Another recommended way to enjoy Blackwater and pizza is by ordering delivery before you smoke. Just make sure to get up off the couch and answer the door when it arrives.



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