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    OG Chem


    OG Chem is a well-known strain that plenty of people turn to when they are in need of a creative boost. A cross between Chemdawg and OG Kush, many call it “Chem OG” and will grab it when they need a little help getting through their day. A sativa-dominant flower, it offers flavors that only the toughest can handle. OG Chem brings a consistent 20% THC level to the table along with 1% CBD allowing it to come to the aid of those who need it. Nugs are airy with bright pistils and an enticingly thick coating of crystal trichomes. As previously mentioned, the flavor and scent leaves a lot to be desired, as it’s dominated by pine, diesel, and ammonia and often leads to gagging. If you can get through the initial experience, though, you’re in for a ride. Make sure to enjoy your OG Chem in a private place, because she brings a stench that others may not enjoy. Great as a wake and bake bud or ideal for a lunchtime pick-me-up, this flower can be found in just about any city across America. The next time you’ve hit a creative wall and need a little help over the edge, you can count on OG Chem to deliver your desired effects.


    Becoming more and more popular in the artistic scene, OG Chem inspires users to reach out to their creative side. As your mind is lifted to a state of pure bliss, you’ll be able to maintain a sense of focused motivation that will help you take any to-do list to task. Above all else, you’ll be thrilled during any activity you partake, as this strain is great for uplifting your mood for hours on end.


    Given that the strain offers a bit more CBD than many other sativa-dominant hybrids, OG Chem is well-known for allowing medical patients to embark upon their day with a clear head and a sense of ease. Ideal for managing stress and depression, those with chronic pain and fatigue will also enjoy relief. This strain tends to cause munchies despite its flavor profile, so if you have issues with a lack of appetite this just might be your strain of choice.


    OG Chem is a very popular option to grow at home and tends to produce a nice sized yield even for beginner growers. The plant will thrive inside or out, and after a short 7 to 9 weeks will smell of ammonia and be ready for use. Because of its ease in cultivation and quick flowering time, it’s a great choice for commercial growers.


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