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    New Science Behind Eliminating Weed Odors


    Aroma Retail Unveils New Scientifically Supported Cannabis Smell Neutralization Line.

    Aroma Retail, LLC, the leading provider of ambient scenting and scent delivery systems for homes and businesses, is proud to announce a breakthrough in aromatic science. Aroma Retail’s Canna-Less line of scenting solutions is the first scientifically proven solution to neutralize and abate cannabis odors. The Canna-Less line of scents will allow businesses and individuals to neutralize the distinct marijuana smell in an innovative, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and efficient way. Canna-Less will be available to businesses and homeowners in fragrance oils for all our scent machines and in easy-to-use sprays for use at hotels, stores, homes, and offices.

    “I knew that we needed a real solution that actually neutralizes the skunky smell of marijuana rather than just another product that merely covers it up like what was already on the market,” said, Jim Reding, CEO of Aroma Retail, “I wanted to find a solution that stayed true to our pure-grade fragrance standard, which means no synthetic toxins and no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).”

    VOC’s are naturally occurring organic ingredients that are still harmful to people and pets, like pollen that can cause adverse or allergic reactions. Pure Grade is an important standard to Aroma Retail because many of their customers are businesses, including resorts, where the fragrance oil is being diffused into public spaces without the public’s consent.

    Aroma Retail’s Canna-Less line is unique in the industry because it is scientifically designed to target the Cannabis smell. We have found three natural scent molecules to create products that effectively neutralize the smell of marijuana at the molecular level. These safe, natural neutralizing molecules are attracted to the radical sulfur atom that is generated by Marijuana called Prenylthiol ( 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol) and effectively neutralize it after they combine.

    Canna-Less comes in three distinct fragrances MatchaJuana, Peach by the Gram, and Reefresh, all of which are capable of being diffused in small sprays or in large volumes of fragrance oils that the commercial scenting machines use in hotels and offices.

    About Aroma Retail
    Aroma Retail is a Green-Certified scenting company based in Las Vegas, well-known for its collection of signature resort scents and unique fragrance libraries. Every scent is available with aroma diffusion machines, room sprays, linen sprays, reed diffusers, and hand-poured candles. Scent Your Space today at

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