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    Mushrooms: The Mutualists Of Our World

    Overshadowed in the natural world, fungi and their mycelium are the connective tissue on which life depends: breaking down matter, cycling nutrients and fostering symbiosis. Mushrooms are mutualists, and the resilience they offer nature is for us too.

    Moksha brings you mushroom intelligence that adapts to your biology: regulating the immune system to be optimal. This is rare in other supplements, and it’s what makes functional mushrooms special.


    We grow them carefully (organically, with quality air and water) to deliver health benefits in spades.


    Moksha Mushrooms bolster immune function and defend against pathogens, thanks to compounds like beta-glucan polysaccharides. They combat stress, reduce inflammation and guard against chronic disease.





    Compounds in Lion’s Mane promote neurogenesis, for brain repair and cognitive function. This is the resilience from fungi to all of us, andthere’s more at Moksha


    see how mushroom supplements help with sleep, gut health, anxiety and energy.


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